All You Need To Know About Buying A Wooden Bedside Table

Storage space is never enough because buying always continues. A bedside table is one crucial piece of furniture, an efficient tool for immediate necessities.

You can store anything—from books to your favourite snacks and place your reading glasses, mobile phones, etc. Interior designers also use oak bedside tables to accent the bedroom.

If you are an Aussie, you are in luck because Australian oak is one of the most sought-after wood for furniture. You can find an array of modern, vintage, minimalistic tables that best suits your style or the room.

What to Consider Before Buying a Wooden Bedside Table?

A bedside table seems easy to buy until you enter the store. It would be best to consider some vital factors to pick the perfect investment that caters to your needs and style.

  • Bedroom size:A compact bedside table should be on your list if you live alone and have a small space. If there are two of you, you can go for two small tables on both sides of the bed.
  • Bed size:For bigger bed sizes and frames, you must reflect on whether the table size complements the bed size. This is done to achieve a cohesive combination.
  • Utility: A bedside table with ample storage is key if you like your things at a hand’s reach. It should have space for your water bottle, reading glasses, alarm clock, books, etc.

Which Type of Oak Bedside Tables Should You Buy?

Apart from the practical aspects above, the oak bedside table design is uncompromising. Design matters whether you want a blend or contrasting elements in the bedroom.

If you are new to home styling, you must consider only two design types. However, you will find a variety of styles under these two.

1. Bedside table with legs

These bedside tables come with tapered or straight legs. You can find single or double roomy drawers to store your essentials. You can go for these styles if you like to keep them minimum and put away things out of sight. Also, these can store moderate items and usually have a minimalist appearance.

Since you can view the floor space because of the legs, these tables give a larger room appearance. The Scandinavian style (single drawer) gives off a chic and modern vibe. You can also go for tables with a plate-like top surface for a quirky look.

You can place your jewellery and delicate stuff so they don’t fall off.

2. The boxed look

If you live in just one corner of your bed, you need a bedside table that can store almost everything. There are tables with box storage; you can find up to three storage layers, including the top surface. You can store bedtime novels, remote controls, food, and a lampshade.

These designs work best with big bedroom spaces as they do not give a crammed-up look. If you want a mid-century or countryside vibe, the boxed storage bedside table works best.

Wrapping up

Oak bedside tables are some classy furniture, and interior experts love incorporating them into their designs. If your house lacks anything in wood, an oak table will set the best contrast to your bedroom.

If you have a bend for ‘out of the box’ styles, you can go for mirror-studded bedside tables or ones with vintage handles with gold or brass paint. All bedside tables are unique in their shapes and sizes. The key to choosing your perfect bedside table is accessibility, functionality and style.

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