Bathroom renovation: which materials to choose?

It’s not easy to renovate your bathroom! This is a heavily used room, so it needs to be practical, but you also need to be able to relax in it. The choice of materials will then make all the difference in this quest to find the perfect balance between the useful and the pleasant. It will still be necessary to make sure to respect your budget since the bathroom is a room that is often very expensive to arrange.

Natural materials

Whether for the floor, the walls of the shower, the Fresca vanity, or the counter, there are several choices of mate

Thus, wood with its warm style is one of the first materials that come to mind. The idea of ​​completing a bathroom renovation with wooden elements may seem far-fetched. However, it lends itself well to this use since it is a breathable material, you just have to make sure to wipe off excess water quickly to prevent any problems.

Stone, different varieties of ceramic, and terrazzo, on the other hand, can feel colder. It must be admitted, however, that they allow the creation of magnificent elements during the renovation of the bathroom. So the shower walls, floor, and countertop can be made with tile or a large piece of stone, allowing for play with patterns and textures.

Glass is another very popular material for bathroom remodeling. Opaque, textured, or transparent, it illuminates a room by giving it more light. Glass is undoubtedly the modern material par excellence since it can be used almost everywhere: glass shower, vanity counter, basin, shelves… It also has the advantage of being very resistant to humidity.

Synthetic materials

There are several synthetic materials on the market that can be used for bathroom supply store or renovation service, especially for the design of custom furniture and countertops. These materials often have undeniable advantages, such as their affordable price, their ease of maintenance, and their ability to imitate other materials, including wood, which makes it possible to adapt to several styles.

Molded PVC is one such material. Another of its qualities is that it is possible to mold the basin of the washbasin directly on the rest of the counter. The continuity of the material, therefore, avoids the presence of a joint that is difficult to clean. Other synthetic materials, such as Corian, also lend themselves to this feature.

Laminate and melamine are also synthetic products that easily find their place in a bathroom thanks to their many qualities, in particular, that water resistance.

In all cases, whether it is a noble and natural material or a synthetic one, it is above all important to opt for high-quality products. It is, after all, renovating a room that will be used a lot, so it is better than the furniture and other furnishings in the room are durable.

Vanity Types

Freestanding vanities

It is a traditional or common vanity. They rest on the floor and are screwed to the wall with a few fixing screws for more stability.

Wall-mounted vanities

Wall-mounted vanities are also called floating vanities. They don’t need any floor or side support because they are fixed directly to the wall, and they are perfect for giving 36 inch bathroom vanity and loor space and a clean look.

Console Vanities

Console vanities are a new concept. The design offers a simple and airy look for those who prefer ample space after installing the cabinet.

Amazing design and materials


The design consists of a combination of slippery panels, delicate patterns and bead panels, which contribute to the attractiveness of the classic farm style. They are painted in soft neutral tones and they combine well with the weather or painted materials.


Its simple design and clean lines give it a simple, handmade design. Mission specimens are usually made of thick, strong wood, such as oak. This vanity usually has a natural throne to reveal its grain. The handmade look is finished using materials such as copper, hard bronze and iron.


They are composed of a straight line, clean and simple in appearance, made with a variety of materials such as aluminum as well as color. For contemporary renovations, they are a perfect choice.


Rustic vanity designs create an organic and natural look using reclaimed woods. They give a lively look by using a metallic accent and a warm dye or stain.


The Shaker’s design principles are similar to the Mission’s in that they tend to emphasize simple, clean lines without detail. The difference between the two vanities is the curves, slim legs, and slim appearance. They are usually made of a light wood like pine.


Traditional designs encompass features found in classic furniture. They are sprayed or painted with a variety of colors ranging from white to brown. They are also designed with features like scalloped edges and turned feet.

Variation of the sink

The majority of known vanities only work with a specific type of sink due to interference between doors and shelves, so it is essential to know the type of sink and what each vanity element allows.

Undermount/kitchen sinks

They are constructed of copper or porcelain in a rectangular or sometimes oval shape. Their best position is mounted under the counter.

Ship’s sinks

The fact that it adds to the overall height of the vanity is a factor to consider and at the same time becomes unavailable within the reach of young children. They are available in colors, shapes, materials, and sizes, are fixed or placed on the counter.


Ultimately, the most important thing is to pick something YOU love, and not get tired of the trends that usually come and go. At Golden Elite Deco Center, you’ll be sure to find the perfect bathroom vanity for your home. Come visit our stores in Dollard-des-Ormeaux, St-Hubert, and Laval and let our friendly staff serve you!

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