Best tennis rackets for beginners UK in 2022

Many beginners want to buy the best tennis racket to increase their playability and performance on the court. The best things have some exceptional qualities that local things do not own. For buying the best racket, you should focus on these qualities mentioned below:

Light in weight:

The racket you choose for yourself should be light in weight so that you can give a good spin with small power. This saves you from putting much force on the racket and keeps your energy level. Your arms will also be relaxed if you slightly pressure them.


As you are a beginner, you should buy a budget-friendly racket that is best for you. There are many beginners tennis rackets available at best prices and have excellent qualities. You can choose one of them.

Grip size:

The grip size is worth noticing quality in the best racket. If the Grip size of the racket is too little or extra-large, you cannot handle the racket. As a result, you cannot practice competently as a beginner. The perfect grip size makes you feel comfortable and avoids the ache in the forearm and wrist.

For smaller hand:
1/8 inches
For medium hand:
3/8 inches
For larger hands:
3/4 inches

Selecting the best racket for your wrist and forearm will be fantastic. This will improve your playability and help you practice well on the court as a beginner. Here is some of the UK best tennis recommended for beginners:

  • Head Radical 27
  • Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3
  • HEAD Ti S6 Titanium
  • YONEX Ezone 108
  • HEAD Junior Radical Tennis Racket

These all given rackets can help to perform well. These tennis rackets provides excellent durability and flexibility with tight grip for players so that players give their best in matches. The different sizes making an ease for everyone and help to improve gaming skills.

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