Black Friday: 6 Wonderful Gift Ideas for the Active People in Your Life

Black Friday 2020 is just a week away, and Black Friday offers and discounts have already begun in a major way with stores giving bigger discounts than ever before. In the last few weeks, we’ve seen early Black Friday offers from the likes of Amazon, Best buy and Dicks Sporting, and those seemingly early deals have now been replaced in certain cases with a full week of Black Friday deals.

What you should know about this year Black Friday:

Black Friday weekend falls on 27 November, but Dick’s Sporting Goods Black Friday Deals are already here. So now we can look forward to 10 days of epic deals that will carry us right straight to cyber Monday deals on Monday, November 30. Last year’s Black Friday was so big that metrics showed almost a 20% rise in online shoppers, with more bargain seekers entering the fray and – crucially – remaining involved for longer. And this year, with shoppers anticipating a change in their online shopping habits more than ever before, due to the pandemic, we’re expecting an epic deal competition than ever before. That makes Black Friday 2020 a perfect time to pick up the best Christmas presents this year.

With a lot of us stuck at home, getting active has proved to be difficult and Self-isolation means there are fewer opportunities to be physically active if you are used to walking or cycling to get to places and doing relaxation-time sports. Buying fitness gifts for your loved ones can be tricky because they often know exactly what suits them — and in most cases, they might already own it.

6 awesome ideas for the active people in your life:

With so many competing brands all boasting the latest and greatest gear, it’s tough to choose a gift that won’t collect dust but we have come up with a list of gifting ideas to help your loved ones keep fit during the next few months.

1- Running shoes

Running shoes should be kind and gentle on your legs during any running exercise. This advantage can be expressed directly after a workout, like the way your feet feel is a clear indicator of whether or not you have the right pair of running shoes. A large number of people also do not the realize-or underestimate-the value of investing in a good pair of running shoes. So if you have a loved one who goes running, gifting them with a good pair of running shoes will change their life.

2- Fitness mat

It’s hard to go wrong with a new mat when choosing gifts for yoga lovers. A mat can be a perfect gift if you are struggling to find something to place under the tree. However, because of their odd shape, wrapping them can pose a challenge. Exercise mats exist because nobody wants to work on a cold surface. Not only is unhygienic to exercise on the floor, but it’s also incredibly uncomfortable-the pain in your elbows will last for days while you’re on the floor. Exercise mats have an extra advantage, however. As well as keeping you safe from the floor, they protect the floor free from the weights that might put down, or even fitness machines that can slip around the surface during use. These basic pieces of equipment are not just a luxury to be used during yoga. They are important for any kind of home workout. With so much training these days spent in gyms and houses, focusing on one’s physicality when they are not on the field is important, so gift someone with this versatile piece of kit.

3- Bala Bangles 1-Pound Weight

The growth in the athleisure trend has mixed fashion and fitness in a way that continues to change the wellness industry in unimaginable ways. The focus has shifted to accessories and Bala Bangles have gained popularity due to being stylish as yet as functional. These one-or two-pound weights that can be worn on your wrists making them effective are cute, functional bracelets, and are trending in New York boutique Pilates studios these days. They come in a variety of colours and anyone who loves to look good will appreciate these

4- A Bike or A HoverBoard

With the holidays swiftly approaching. You should consider buying a bike or a hoverboard as a gift for Hanukkah, Christmas.

When deciding on one, sizing is so critical for safety and a comfortable ride. You want to ensure that the recipient will be able to confidently come to a stop, as well as easily hop on and off their bike. Sizing guides are featured on each model. Riding style and comfort can vary for people. Has the recipient had a severe back injury, Does the recipient live in hilly San Francisco? A 7-speed or hybrid bike will be much more favoured for tackling those steep inclines.

5- Fishing Rods

There isn’t much that beats a day enjoying the sun and the outdoors. If your loved one has the chance to spend the holidays surrounded by nature why not make their day by enhancing their fishing collection with peripherals and accessories. Fishing is also an outdoor sport, so there are some accessories that you may want to consider alongside any fishing-focused gear.

6- Golf Equipment

If you know a golfer who can’t through the weekend without taking their clubs and hitting some balls, why not get them some golf equipment to further improve their set? For those, whose passion for the game knows no bounds, who dreaming of green stretches of wide-open course and is looking for a club that gives them an extra edge. Having a gift of quality for this type of golfer is as easy as combing the latest in golf gadgetry and gear and Dick Sporting will be the right place to find the right gift for such a person

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