Buy Sunscreen for Kids from Blue Lizard & Save Our Reefs

Did you know that the world’s coral reefs are under threat of extinction due to the paradigm of global chemical sunscreen use? Typically found in equatorial regions of the ocean, these precious habitats are under attack from chemicals like oxybenzone and octinoxate contained in most chemical sunscreen products. It’s why many are choosing to buy sunscreen for kids that’s mineral-based.

What’s the scale of the problem? Well, it’s huge, as widespread use of chemical sunscreens is leading to over 14,000 tons of the stuff making its way into our oceans each and every year.

How Does It Happen?

Whether you buy sunscreen for kids that’s mineral-based or a regular chemical variety when swimming in the sea, it’s naturally going to wash off. This is how the majority of these harmful chemicals get into the ocean in such vast quantities, however, staying out of the sea doesn’t stop it.

Even if you wear a chemical sunscreen on the beach and never set foot in the sea, it’s still very likely to eventually get into the ocean. By waiting until you get home to have a shower, all you do is delay this issue, as it will make its way through the water system and get there anyway. 

How Is Blue Lizard Different?

The big difference between Blue Lizard and chemical varieties is that it’s mineral-based and the primary ingredients it contains occur in nature. When you buy sunscreen for kids from Blue Lizard, it’s made from zinc oxide and titanium oxide when it enters the ocean, it does nothing to harm wildlife that calls it home.

Their reef-safe products are a great option for eco-conscious people and the protection they provide is also healthier for the body. It doesn’t get absorbed by the skin either, so it’s not going to enter the bloodstream like chemical brands can.

Other reasons to use mineral sunscreen like this include:

  • The protection it offers is immediate, with no need to wait ½ hour 
  • It reflects UV rays away like miniature mirrors all over the skin
  • Protection requires much less of the product, so it lasts longer

The consistency of this natural sunscreen means that it doesn’t go on in the same way, so it does take a little getting used to if you’ve always used more watery chemical brands. However, once you have, you get a product that lasts longer, works better and most importantly, protects the reefs for future generations to enjoy.

Buy Sunscreen For Kids From Blue Lizard & See For Yourself

The only true way to know what it’s like to use mineral sunscreen and enjoy its benefits is to try it for yourself. Its efficacy and comfort on the skin is enough reason on its own to consider switching, but it’s the ecological impact that it’s most definitely the overriding factor for most consumers.

Mineral sunscreen is the healthy option for the body and for the planet and until more people decide to switch away from chemical sunscreens, the future of our priceless reefs is going to remain uncertain. 

All it takes is a decision to try something new. A small measure indeed when you’re talking about something that will protect the future of the planet. Every part of the ecosystem relies on another, so the risk associated with wrecking this balance is wide-ranging. 

So, why not try it yourself and tell a friend or two to do the same? It could make all the difference.

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