Cannabidiol Gel Caps vs Oil: Choosing the Right Delivery Method for You

If you’re someone who prefers to have some control over your CBD dosing, or you’re experienced in taking CBD, you might find that an ingestible oil is preferable over a gel cap. CBD oil comes in a tincture with a dropper, so you can measure out a dose that meets with your preferences. Also, an oil is applied sublingually, or beneath the tongue. Therefore, you experience almost immediate effects. 

Why Gel Caps May Be Your Preference

On the other hand, if you are new to taking CBD, you might prefer CBD in a gel cap formula. These capsules are easy to swallow and simple to take. You don’t have to measure out the dose, although it will take longer to experience the effects. However, if you have not previously taken CBD or you prefer a convenient method for taking the supplement, you might like this delivery method better.

Some people who take cannabidiol gel caps prefer to take them without THC. A full spectrum CBD gel cap includes THC, the cannabinoid that causes a “high” when people use marijuana. However, the THC included in either gel caps or an oil is only 0.3%. Therefore, you won’t get high from a full spectrum product.

However, if you must submit to drug testing at work or you are sensitive to THC, it is better to choose the gel caps or oil without THC. If your main goal is to de-stress, reduce anxiety, or increase alertness at work, you might like the gel caps better.

Why You Might Prefer the Oil

If you want your CBD to be fast-acting and you want to experiment with the effects, you probably will like using the oil. The oil acts fast as it bypasses the digestive tract and goes immediately into the bloodstream. 

If you have chronic pain or are treating an inflammatory ailment, such as arthritis, you may find the oil more to your liking.

Do You Follow a Busy Schedule?

Do you travel frequently? Do you have a lot to do? If so, you may prefer the gel caps over the oil. Alternatively, you might like the fact you can take the oil in the amount you choose before breakfast or before you begin your day. 

There is no wrong or right way to take CBD. How you choose to take the supplement will be based on your health needs and lifestyle. CBD gel caps are often used for stress and anxiety relief while the oil may be used to reduce chronic pain or help a person sleep.

Other Products Containing CBD

Beside the gel caps and oil, you can also choose gummies with CBD – a unique candy snack that you can chew after a workout or as an afternoon pick-me up. You can also find products that are topical, such as slaves, or you can add CBD to your bath as a bath salt.

Again, as you can see, what you choose in a CBD product is based on your individual health and wellness requirements. 

Finding the Right Product for You

CBD is a great remedy for whatever ails you mentally or physically. You’re sure to find just the right product to improve your health mentally or physically.

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