Carola Castillo: Interview of A Successful Entrepreneur and Creative Coach

1- What is Carola’s story? How would your friends and family have described you?

Everybody cultivates in time their own perception and in order to answer this question, I will say that I needed to mature some ideas in order to understand how my family and friends were able to see Carola Castillo.

There is a point in life that you recognize that you don’t belong to your clan because you have taken the direction of respecting yourself and who you are even at the cost of being different.

2- As an entrepreneur, what is it that motivates and drives you?

I’m always in a constant change that means stay away from your comfort zone.

3- Who inspires you?

The possibility of being a translator from the invisible world.

4- What would you say are the main elements for starting and running a successful business?

I think the main piece of being successful is having a good structure. To be clear about the task, organization and the people, and what do we want in order to be focus.

I always relate my business with a flower, we provide the best for it, we are in constant awareness in order to see how its growth. Definitely without structure nothing will conquer.

5- Describe the 3 biggest challenges you faced during the life of your business journey?

My culture, my family, being a woman.

I am from Venezuela and for 20 years we have struggled with very deep social changes, nevertheless I did many group dynamics while we were going through a mayor national oil strike.

It gave me the opportunity to do countless opportunities for research that I will never accomplish in any other circumstances.  It was difficult but I will not be here without it.

In my family when you become the “rare” child the peculiar one, the child just has to adjust to survival.  So, I gave up many things in order to fit.  You end up doing what is needed for the family and no for you. The child will do any anything for love, recognition, support, that was difficult, but without that I will not be here.

The journey as woman, believe it or not you can feel guilty when you’re successful.  Women in my culture supposed to be at home taking care of the children and for that I really pay a high price, but again, everything it’s been worth it.

6- How did you make a name for yourself in your industry?

I think because I took the challenge, one day I woke up, and I ask for money to everyone around me. I got myself a plane ticket to Germany, you’re not supposed to do things like that.

When the industry hears my name it’s about being brave as a woman.

And that is encouragement.

7- If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Don’t give up when you find your limitations, right there you have a chance. It’s not the way you think it is. It is as it is. When you acknowledge it that, it’s a gift that will help you to move on.

 8- What has been the most rewarding part of your role with coaching people?

I look around and I am great full to social media, nowadays you can collect responses but the main thing for me is just to see them in the right direction of doing what they want with structure.

9- If you were to start from zero again, what would you do differently?

On the contrary, I always tell my students, the day you wake up and tell yourself “I will do it exactly the same, just to be here” an invitation to the pass is already a failure.

10- What drives you to keep going when it gets really tough and any final words?

I trust myself I end up believing that I haven’t done enough every day. My mantra? Work … action it’s the mother of everything.  Thank you very much.
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