Charizard, Knight & Predator Coloring Pages: All Favorite Characters in One Place

Looking for a fun way to pass the time? Why not color some of your favorite characters? These Charizard, Knight & Predator coloring pages are sure to keep you entertained for hours. So grab some crayons and get started!

Charizard & Charizard Coloring Pages

With wings developed after evolution, Charizard can fly high at altitudes up to 1,400 km. They fly around looking for an opponent and only accept the strongest opponent. When encountering a worthy opponent, the flame at the tip of this Pokemon’s tail burns fiercely. The more battles he experienced, the hotter Charizard’s fire became. That heat can melt almost anything, like cobblestone or even 1,000 tons of ice. As noted, sometimes this Flying Dragon Pokemon even accidentally sets fire to the forest due to the heat radiation from their fire.

Gigantamax Charizard Coloring Pages

Quite special, Charizard’s genetic structure allows it to super-evolve into two different forms, Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y. Mega Charizard X always gasps for two blue flames at the corners of its mouth. But it is worth mentioning that the thriving claws give Mega Charizard X the power of Iron Claw.

On the other hand, Mega Charizard Y has huge developed wings and adds small wings on the front limbs, a much larger and longer tail. The fire at the tip of the tail also burned more brightly. Thanks to that, this Pokemon can fly higher than ever. In battle, flying at towering heights, combined with the huge fiery flames behind its tail, Mega Charizard Y is like a small sun that lights up the entire field.

What is a Knight? The noble title and Knight Coloring Pages

In the Middle Ages in European countries, especially England, there was a title called knighthood for those who fought for the country.

In modern society, the knight was the lowest rank in the nobility, so it was not inherited. Most of the knights were knighted for their merits. The knights of that era had the main role of fighting or protecting the nobility or the royal family.

Castle Knight Coloring Pages

The meaning of the word knight at that time even referred to warriors who knew how to ride horses. Today, however, when the war is over, the knights remain forever.

Today this title is used for famous people who have made certain contributions to the UK. There are many people who want to apply for a UK visa to come and explore this exciting title every year

Some of today’s knights can be mentioned as

  • Alex Ferguson – Coach of the legendary Manchester team
  • Elton John – The Beatles Member, Famous Singer, songwriter
  • Edmund Hillary – The Great Explorer
  • Andrew Wiles – Famous Mathematician

How to become a knight

In the olden days to become a knight had to go through many hardships.

In order to become a knight, one has to go through three different stages starting at an early age.

The first stage begins when a child reaches the age of 7 they will become servants to the lords.

Then, when they reached about 10 to 15 years old, those children would become personal servants to the knights that followed them both to serve and to train.

Finally, when they have fully trained and have earned their own merit, they will be awarded the title of knight.

Today, this title is bestowed on people who are famous and have made great contributions to the country.

Those who wanted to be knights in the past

The ritual of you knighting from the past to now has not changed too much.

Before the day of the knighthood, the young knights would have to pray and confess their sins first and then go before the lord to receive the knighthood.

The lord would place his sword on the young knight’s shoulder and recite the words of the knighthood. After this, the person officially becomes a knight and adds the word “sir” in front of his or her name.

Today, only Queen Elizabeth II has the right to be knighted.

Predator – the famous elite hunter in popular culture & Predator Coloring Pages

The Predator is a fictional alien species that first appeared in popular culture in 1987, as the main antagonist in the movie of the same name. The success coupled with the extremely special monster design has made people interested in the superior hunter from extraterrestrial. Since then, there have been a series of movies, novels, comic books, and games about the most advanced hunting species in the universe.

Also known as Yautja, this creature has a humanoid shape, is intelligent, tall and strong – over 2 meters tall, has superior muscular abilities to humans, has the ability to jump 3 times its height their own, and jumped to safety from a height of 10 times their average height. Yautja uses traditional weapons and high-tech “toys” to delight in hunting. They live on the planet Yautja Prime.

Alien Vs Predator Free Coloring Pages

The Yautja species have a long association with humans, many stories depict that the Yautja helped mankind develop and they themselves built pyramids on Earth as hunting grounds – that’s why so many All cultures have pyramid-shaped structures. In addition, Yautja is also connected with Xenomorph species – space monsters and Engineer – the ultimate creature that gave birth to life and created humans.

The “hunting” is the mainstay of the Yautja species, regulating nearly every aspect of life. Yautja is ready to scour the galaxy to find a powerful species capable of confronting them. Occasionally, Yautja would also kidnap outstanding individuals of a species, release them into a large Hunting Ground, and go hunting. Hunting is both a hobby, a life goal, and a way for a Yautja to advance in society.

They hunt for honor, hunt for the pleasure nature of each hunt. Successful hunting is also the only way for a Yautja to impress the Clan and its mates.


Charizard, Knight & Predator Coloring Pages are here for all of your favorite characters in one place. With over 100+ high-quality coloring pages that can be printed out or downloaded to color on any electronic device, there is no end to the fun you’ll have! Let us know what other characters you would like to see added and we will make it happen. We’re always looking for new ways to keep our fans happy so if this sounds good let’s get started today!

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