CPU vs RAM: What’s More Important?

It is a very common topic of discussion and debate amongst the techies; which is more important, the CPU or RAM? If you are a novice in this debate too, you might need to gain a proper idea about the two to be able to decide which one’s more significant. 

In this blog, we have noted the differences between the two so that we can settle the war of words once and for all. Let’s find out more about these two below. Read on! 

CPU and RAM – Definition and Differences

First and foremost, RAM is calculated by the total number of programs that a computer, a laptop, or a smartphone can handle. On the other hand, the CPU’s performance is measured by how fast such programs are launched in the devices. 

The full-form of RAM is Random Access memory and the full-form of CPU is the Central Processing Unit. The former is basically the short-term storage place for memories on the device. The latter one is the processor which carries out different functions by pulling in the necessary data from RAM.

Below, we have given a table to help you understand the differences between the two better – 

Differences RAM CPU
Full-Forms Random Access memory Central Processing Unit
Performance Different programs running at once Speed of launching different programs
Function Storing memory of the different programs Processing memory to carry out the programs
Factors Concerning its Performance Bus speed, memory, processing speed, etc.  The greater number of cores in a CPU, the better would be its performance

Major Differences Between CPU and RAM

  • Firstly, RAM is the temporary storage unit for program memories whereas the CPU is considered to be the main processing unit in the devices. 
  • RAM runs the number of programs and applications in a device at the same time, whereas the CPU determines the speed of launching an application of programs in a device. 
  • The performance of RAM is usually determined by the processing speed of the device, memory space, and bus speed. On the other hand, the performance of the CPU is determined by the total number of cores present. 
  • The RAM usage when the device is idle is around 50%. On the contrary, it’s around 0.8% to 10% for the CPU. 


Rental services are on the rise these days. Even electronic devices for rent have become quite common. So, if you are looking for mobile on rent in Gandhinagar or laptops on rent in Ghaziabad or somewhere else, make sure that you consider the aspects of the performance of their CPU and RAM. 

Even though the debate between the two has been ongoing since time immemorial, one thing is clear, one needs to consider the performance of both of them before buying a laptop or a computer. Both are equally essential factors in a device and their performances play a huge role in determining how good or bad a device’s performance would be. 

However, the major difference between the two is that the RAM is the short-term memory component and the CPU is the major driving component. But before you think about buying a new device, make sure that you consider the performance of both these components in a device to grab the best one that’s available in the market. 

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