Diablo 2 Resurrected Uber Diablo Guide – How to Get Annihilus?

One of the best charms in D2R is really desirable, but it’s also very difficult to obtain, and a lot of uncertainty remains regarding the duplication of Stone of Jordan (SoJ) rings. Here is an explanatory guide to guide you step by step.

Hugely popular in the original Diablo 2 game, Uber Diablo’s special event has some rather amusing origins. It is available in Diablo 2 Resurrected, but its unlocking promises to be complicated since it was used to slightly reduce the effect of cheating in multiplayer mode in the initial game. We’ll walk you through how it worked back then here, and edit it as needed as soon as we can confirm its updated version. The reason is that cheating looks more complicated in multiplayer, so fulfilling the required conditions looks complicated for the moment. To give you some background, there were various achievements that duplicated a very valuable and supposedly rare D2R item, the Stone of Jordan, the best ring in the game, and to clean up the game’s economy a bit, a global event incentivizing get rid of its copies of this item has been introduced online.

Trigger conditions

Unlike the old version of the event, it is now available solo, with simplified trigger conditions (we’ll get to that). To have a chance of obtaining the precious Annihilus Charm, you must launch a game and the players present must sell a certain number of Stone of Jordan Rings to merchants. In multiplayer, it takes several, but in solo, a single Stone of Jordan is enough. You are not forced to participate actively on this point in multiplayer, but the difficulty is to find a game during which such an event is organized. You will probably have to go through a specific community on Reddit or the forums. Alert messages will announce when a certain number of unique items have been sold to merchants. It is a priori not possible to redeem them.

Every 75-125 SoJs sold in multiplayer, a message saying “Diablo Walks the World” will appear and the screen will shake. We’re hoping that the number of SoJs required is drastically reduced in multiplayer compared to the original release, but our dev interview hints that this isn’t the case, so that may be a change in the future.

The message indicates that a special version of Uber Diablo (different from the Hellfire Torch, which is named Pandemonium Diablo) is wandering around somewhere. Note in passing that once this boss is defeated, it is possible to summon it again in the same game. However, you cannot have multiple events running at the same time.

Uber Diablo

When Diablo walks the world, he usually spawns near a unique monster near one of the players present, which makes finding him quite easy. This boss is really strong, although it has no immunities, it greatly reduces physical and magic damage (50%) and all elements (95%). A combination of curses that reduce resistance, pure magic and a Static Field is therefore excellent tools to kill him.

It hurts more than its Act 4 Hell Mode version, and it has all of its spells, plus a few more.

One particularly problematic element, if you haven’t anticipated it, is that he has a lot of regeneration of his health points. So you need Diablo 2 ladder items that prevent monsters from healing themselves. You cannot have it worn down, unlike a normal boss. A specialized build like a very well-equipped Paladin Smiter can also overcome it.

Reward: Annihilus

This unique minor charm is not obtained each time Uber Diablo is defeated, and when it falls, there is only one. Suffice to say that the competition will be fierce between the players. But it must be said that the game is worth the candle:

  • Required level: 70
  • +1 to all skills
  • +10 to 20 to all attributes
  • +10 to 20 to all resistances
  • +5 to 10% to experience gained

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