Do You Need HVAC Duct Cleaning In Southwestern Ontario?

Do you live in Southwestern Ontario?Have you ever had your HVAC ducts professionaly cleaned?  If not, when should you get it done?If you have purchased or moved into a new home, it is recommended to have the HVAC system cleaned fairly soon, unless you know the previous owner has had it done recently.  There’s no telling how long it’s been, how much buildup of pet waste, renovation residue and dust, general dirt and debris have built up!  Similar to changing the oil when you buy a used car, it’s ideal to get a fresh start.

If you’ve had renovation work done, it is recommended to clean the HVAC system to remove any particulate building materials left over so they aren’t circulating through the indoor air.

Air-Serv Duct Cleaning recommends to change your furnace filter once every 6 months (or more if you are in an older home and/or dustier environment), and clean your HVAC duct system every 3-5 years.  If you have any questions, give us a call or text at 1-833-222-3828 (DUCT) and we will answer them for you!

Air-Serv Duct Cleaning offers the latest in Hybrid HyperVac technology, with manual abrasion and air pressure both used during the cleaning process, as well as our unit connecting as close to the port adapter as possible, resulting in maximum draw and real air flow; this gets you the best cleaning results for your money!  Service includes whole home HVAC system clean (hot side and cold side), port cut ins and plate covers, and antifungal/mold treatment.  Ask about your dryer vent while we are there, we can disassemble and clean that, too!

Our BreatheEasy™ flat rate pricing means no surprise ‘upcharges’, ‘vent fees’ or other funny business – you know what you are getting, and how much you are getting it for!  Call or Text 1-833-222-DUCT (3828), or visit to book your service, today! Southwestern Ontario HVAC Professional Duct Cleaning Services.  Latest Technology, Flat Rate BreatheEasy™ Pricing, Best Practices.




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