Drifted Offers Hacking Guidelines To Maximize Earnings Playing Drift Hunters Max

At last, the upgraded Drift Hunters Max is available on Drifted website to enjoy! New players starting to play the Drift Hunters receive 25,000 free game money and Toyota AE86. The starting bonus empowers the player to choose upgrades or a preferred car in their garage. Just like any other tuning games players wish they had more cash to access every upgrade. The Drifted team offers hacking tips to help players maximize their money-earning skills. 

The Drifted website was started with an aim to share knowledge about the drifting and car world with everyone. There was hardly any information about drifting on the internet, which three keen enthusiasts realized and put together a platform.

The Drifted team gathered and posted plenty of written content, interviews, drifting videos, photographs, and lots of news associated with the drifting landscape. There are many men young and old fascinated by the drifting cars they watch on the movie screens. Developers have also designed such games and Drift Hunters is one of them. 

Before new players start playing Drift Hunters they need to learn how to tune the exclusive cars. The new physics and graphics in the new version of the Drift Hunters Max are realistic. Drifted.com uses the cutting-edge technology they launched recently, so even a standard computer can enjoy the fast game without any fancy GPU.

The new version has included a cloud save functionality, which allows the player to pick up from where they last left. Get familiar with the tips mentioned in the Ultimate Guide on Drifted platform to invest earnings in more exciting cars for the garage.

To start learn, learn, and learn how to keep the car on the track. Master the drifting art reading Drifting 101 guide. Sharpening this skill will help earn big bucks. In Drift Hunters, most money is earned in the combo. If a 50-point score is achieved on a corner then the player earns ten times that are 50 x 10 = 500 credits. With sufficient consistency, players can even earn 16 times. 

Fortunately, the car can go off-track but players can keep increasing the combo points. They have to be careful about the slippery grass and dirt traps that slow the car’s speed. When corners are approached and while leaving the tracks speed up because earnings shoot up in both conditions. Keep eyes for slippery grass or the car end up hitting the wall. Earnings can be collected when the car crashes but the combo multiplier is lost. Players have to restart from X1!

Skilled drivers can collect the ultimate combo multiplier by doing a successful wall run. Wall runs are a hiccup but offer insane combos! To earn crazy combo multipliers be gentle on the throttle because smooth and controlled drifting is awarded. Execute a ‘Manji’ that switches side-to-side and maintains the drift. Choosing a challenging track is fun but to earn money head to the simplest locations to play steadily at a consistent speed and corner the fewest obstacles. 

Newbies need to learn the art of car control in the game and build confidence. With sufficient money unlock the Porsche 911 the most costly car in Drift Hunters Max!

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