Exploring a few t-shirt prints for design inspiration

When it comes to cheap custom t shirts designs, you get excellent artistic and creative freedom. You can make them for individual customers, communities, charitable causes, startups, and more.  While printing a piece of clothing can feel like an easy job, you have to get all the elements proper to make your customers buy them. It can be possible to achieve this only if your creation resonates with their goals or motives. You can look around your competitors and others to find out what works the most for an idea. Here are some suggestions that can go well on cotton material also.

Catchy statement

Bold and clear messages on t-shirts can be a hit with people across different age groups. Such designs can be a favorite with someone looking to stand out from the crowd, no matter where. To get your custom printed t-shirts in Dallas TX , you should search online and get them printed with the quotes of your choice, which can be on politics, social movements, a cause, etc. In these printed garments, you don’t have to add too many elements. You can keep everything minimalist while fonts remain bold, colorful, and readable. If that’s what you’re looking for, you can use a cursed font generator to create something more relevant to your needs.

A mix of colorful words

Adding letters of different colors in a text-based design can be another trick. It can create an energetic and exciting vibe. However, keep your choice of colors limited to a few or go all out.  It should essentially define the mood. In this pattern, you can again rely on bold fonts. Also, keep in mind the usage or goal to increase its relevance.

Tarot card prints

You don’t have to worry about inventory, printing, and dispatch if you use a wholesale t shirt printing service. The trade printer can handle this. When you work with those service providers, you can expect to have freedom with design selection. Suppose you want to print tarot card designs on t-shirts. You can upload the image files with symbolism, motifs, and other details to get the precise style of your desire. It can be an intelligent thing to pick this because you get 78 cards in a deck. Each comes with a unique image and symbol. You can choose the best ones for your printing needs.

Simple rainbows

At some point or other, a person looks for a sign of hope, joy, and wonder. Even a tiny rainbow can capture all moods beautifully. You can incorporate it with a simple text under or along the rainbow arch. The combination of text and shape can come out well. Since it is a popular theme, many printers can be banking on this. You can make your design unique by choosing the right color palette, aesthetics, and branding. 


Playful t-shirt prints can also catch anybody’s attention for being full of life. You can represent this artwork through thin or curvy lines, shapes, colors, and sizes. The scope of creativity and imagination is vast. You have the freedom to choose any design. Perfection doesn’t matter. Just illustrate things as you wish. 

Hand illustrations

Sign language is an excellent example of this, which can be another printing theme for your t-shirts. With hand designs, you can communicate so many things even without words. You can use hands to create different types of emotions of companionship, community, etc. Apart from sign language, you can choose cartoon hands also. If you are not good at drawing, you can use design tools to make your job easy.


Due to the rise of digital drawings, illustrative figures have become another coveted design preference. People love them for their personalized and playful charm. From abstract to realistic, you can choose anything to do justice to your design. You can look at a photo for reference. Or, you can use apps to build your characters with your choice of features.


Pet lovers and wildlife organizations support these prints for their versatility. You can make animal figures with simple lines outlining their body, facial features, etc. For design inspiration, you can refer to the images of your favorite animal. 

Sports and fitness designs

Fitness freaks and sports fans can be more excited about these designs than anybody else. From hockey, soccer mascot, He-man theme to others, you can utilize about anything. If you plan to include logos, try to be creative with them. 

Musical illustrations

People follow some musical genre or the other. Your t-shirts can take advantage of this craze. Include musical instruments, music bands, and such designs. Some feature shapes and figures, while others combine shapes with texts. No matter what, keep things simple and short for maximum impact.

Like these, there are endless designs to choose from for your t-shirt printing business. Sometimes, you get ideas from your clients’ tastes and purpose of use. Keep an eye on everything to make sense of the prints. It will give you the edge over others in this market. You can work on these aspects smoothly if you give printing and shipping responsibility to a wholesaler printer.

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