Factors to Consider When Sourcing For a Good Chafing Dish in Kenya

Chafing dishes have become essential serving units for keeping the prepared food warm, especially in a buffet display. This article will describe a chafing dish and the vital factors to consider when sourcing a suitable chaffer.
A chafing dish is a basic serving unit to keep the prepared food warm. It has a system that uses chafing fuel to generate steam from a shallow pool of water in the water pan. This steam then heats the food placed directly above the water pan in a food pan.

Parts of a chafing dish

Water pan

The component holds the water to be heated to generate steam. It should be of a more significant depth than the pan containing the food. The food pan should fit comfortably into it, allowing the food to be heated by steam. The water pan is made of material that is a good conductor of heat and resistant to rust.

Food pan

The pan holding the food forms the upper component of the chaffer. It can be used for cooking food and then placed on top of the water pan to maintain the food’s warmth. Food pans come in different Gastronome sizes, depending on your Oven or Fridge size. The material from which the food pan is made should conduct heat efficiently.


It holds all the components of the chafer to form one unit. It has a rim for keeping the water pan and a stand for the chafing fuel units.
Factors to consider when sourcing a chafing dish

Suitability for use
It will depend on your need; the volumes you want to serve in one go. You may need a small dish for a small serving or a large plate for a large serving at once. The size of the chafer is a significant determinant of the price. The size of the device will have an effect on the chafing dishes prices in Kenya.

Make the chafer dish.
Different chafers are made from other materials, ranging from Aluminum to stainless steel. Chafers made from stainless steel will cost much more than those made from Aluminum.
The Stainless steel chafers also differ in cost depending on the gauge of the stainless steel used; economy stainless steel chafers are made from lightweight stainless steel.

The shape of the chafer
These dishes come in different shapes: square, oval, rectangular, and circular. The form you choose will depend on the type of food to serve inside it and the decorative value it is required to add to the table.

Style and finish of the chafer
It offers an additional ambiance to your table. Chafing dish with a finish of metallic, mirror-like polish gives more ambiances. However, there are many other great finishes available for your choice.

Cover the chafing dish
Covers for the chafers create an ease of use for it in serving. There are hinged covers, retractable covers, roll-over-the-top covers, and many others. The choice you make will depend on the ease with which you want to do the serving.

The factors listed above affect the pricing of chafing dishes in Kenya. Your budget makes it possible to get a suitable chafing dish for your use.

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