Facts You Should Know About Glass Bongs

Glass bongs involve iconic items used for smoking. Usually, these bongs are intricately crafted in different textures, styles, and colors. Some bongs for sale might be complex and exaggerated, making them worth sitting on museum podiums, while others simply resemble hookahs and exaggerated pipes. Bongs are usually produced by professional artisans making them elegant for smoking. Also, you confidently display them as centerpieces in your house when they are not in use.

The History of Bongs

Generally, modern bongs evolved from hookahs, and researchers provide that these hookers were established in the 16th century. Russian archaeologists found some minor items that resemble bongs that were used more than 2350 years ago. There is a high chance that these ancient bongs were utilized as ritualistic or ceremonial objects by specific members of Scythian culture, including tribal leaders and shamans.

Even though the word bong originates from the Thai word “baung,” research depicts evidence showing smoking in Vietnam, China, Laos, and various African countries. Therefore, they cannot be linked with originating from a single and specific place or point. In fact, bongs can be classified as part of the world’s shared cultural history, like arrows, bows, bags, and shoes. Since hookahs were used with tobacco, the spread of smoking in various continents also influenced their popularity. Consequently, like their ancestor, bongs became famous as the use of cannabis spread. They have even become more popular than hookahs with the increased use of tobacco and herbs across the globe.

How Do Bongs Operate?

Glass bongs comprise different parts, including a bowl, base, stem, and downsteam. The base includes the region where water is stored. After packing your herbs and tobacco into the bowl, you will light it up and take a deep inhalation. The inhalation will cause the smoke to pass through the downstem and water, allowing it up the trunk’s tube and into your mouth.

The water at the base of the bong is essential in cleaning the smoke you inhale. As smoke travels through the water, some specific particles and molecules get trapped in the water, thus eliminating them from the smoke. This works to reduce the harshness of each hit you take. Also, bongs have reduced chances of affecting your throat negatively compared to wooden or paper pipes. Nevertheless, bongs are primarily developed to reduce harshness such as throat cramping and coughing, not eliminate them entirely. Therefore, it is advisable to take manageable puffs for maximum enjoyment.

How Do I Clean My Bong?

Cleaning your bong is essential as it reduces the chances of mold accumulating and forming in the bong, thus staining it. Also, regular cleaning will improve the bong’s efficiency in filtering particles and achieve smooth puffs. Bongs can get stinky and muddy after use, and their glass can become stained or cloudy. These materials can build up over time and transform into hazardous components.

The first step of cleaning your bong is to ensure you dump the used water. Unfortunately, some people will add a cleaning solution into the used water and slosh it around while doing this is not enough to clean the bong. Instead, this will turn the nasty bong water soapy but will not clean it.

After pouring the used water, you should replace it with an effective cleaning solution. You can use dish soap, salt water, or alcohol to clean the device. However, soap may make the glass cloudy even though it is clean, making its appearance unpleasant.

The following procedure involves plugging all holes and shaking the bong properly. You should repeat this process severally, guaranteeing that the solution gets to each part of the device. You can also utilize a pipe brush to reach some parts of the bong that are hard to reach.

Pampering and cleaning your bong properly will guarantee durability and an uninterrupted smoking experience. It is best to develop these habits early and maintain them to achieve a lot of mileage for your bong. Remember that, like other items made of glass, these bongs can shatter, crack or break if mistreated. Therefore, you should handle them with the utmost care, just like you can take care of your car or house. Besides, bongs are luxury items.

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