Fake IDs in Chicago

According to the state’s criminal code, possessing a false ID in Illinois is a Class IV felony. The term “possession” here does not relate to the mere “use” or “attempt” of a false ID. Just the possession of a fictitious identification card entitles one to face criminal charges.

In many people’s minds, using a fake identification card is a kind of self-inflicted harm. It is not that simple, and universities and law enforcement organizations see forged identification as a severe offense. In a society where terrorists are a constant concern, the function of a fake ID has expanded to include more than simply college students looking to get their hands on alcoholic beverages.

Fake IDs in Chicago

Facebook postings that have been reposted thousands of times say that individuals “all registered, all Democrats,” ordered the seizure of 19,888 false driver’s licenses at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. This allegation, which implies that the licenses are part of a plan to commit voting fraud, is partially true. According to the CBP investigation, the fact that US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) confiscated 19,888 fake licenses at O’Hare International Airport in late July has nothing to do with Democratic Party membership or the upcoming election.

In the International Mail Facility (IMF) at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, CBP agents discover phone drivers’ licenses used in criminal activity or fraud.

CBP inspectors at the IMF had confiscated 1,513 packages containing false papers, totaling 19,888 fake US driver’s licenses from the start of the year until June 30. There were many confiscated shipments from China and Other Asian countries and the United Kingdom and South Korea.

Almost all driver’s licenses were for individuals in nearby states, although a few were for people in other states across the country. Others had the same image but had different personal data and were marketed to young adults. Another problem with the Michigan licenses was how well the bar code read them.

In addition to facilitating identity theft, falsified papers may also be used to commit workplace enforcement, safeguard vital infrastructure, commit fraud connected to immigration-related crimes, including people smuggling and trafficking, and by terrorists to evade travel-screening procedures.

According to Acting District Port Director for Chicago, Ralph Piccirilli, the results may be catastrophic for fake driver’s licenses. “Criminal groups use these fake IDs to keep their unlawful operations hidden from the public eye. Our CBP agents recognized these remarkably accurate counterfeits and prevented them from reaching the intended recipients.

Final Words

This is just partially true. In July, at Chicago Airport, the US Customs & Border Protection (CBP) confiscated almost 20,000 forged drivers’ licenses. However, these documents have nothing to do with suspected voting fraud attempts.

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