Features of a Step Ladder and How to Properly Use One

A step ladder is a type of ladder that is self-supporting and portable. Its length is non-adjustable, and it has a hinged design that makes its storage easy. This article focuses on a few features of a step ladder and how to use one properly to avoid accidents and damages.

A step ladder is the most common ladder in the industry. Its self-supporting feature allows it to be used anywhere. Step ladders come in different sizes and lengths. The most common step ladders range from 4ft. to 20ft. Step ladders shorter than 4ft. are known as step stools.

There are two types of step ladders; a front step ladder and a twin step ladder. The main difference is that a twin step ladder has rungs on the two sides, while a front step ladder only has rungs on one side.

Features of a step ladder

  • Two-sided – One side of the ladder is used for climbing. The other side is for support.
  • An expanding structural design with an upside down “V” shape.
  • Anti-slip safety feet.
  • Front and rear side rails.
  • A top cap.
  • A top step for standing only.
  • One person capacity.

How to properly use a step ladder

The step ladder should have ground support

A step ladder requires all four feet of the side rails to have level ground support. This feature ensures the ladder user has balance when using the step ladder. A different ladder should be used in cases where a level ground for the ladder is not available.

Ensure the rung locks are intact before using the ladder

Rung locks in a step ladder are handy because they ensure the fly section is permanently locked in place when the ladder is in use. The rung locks prevent the fly section from collapsing. Do not use step ladders that have worn out or damaged rung locks.

Check the steps of the step ladder before using it

Always make sure you purchase a step ladder that has non-slippery steps. Slippery steps of a step ladder may lead to accidents, especially when contaminated. The 3 step ladder Kenya usually has non-slip tread steps.

Ensure the anti-slip feet of a step ladder are always present

The anti-slip safety feet of a step ladder is located at the bottom of the ladder. It serves to ensure that the ladder has balance at all times when in use. It should always be present when the ladder is in use, and it should be in perfect condition.

Make sure to check the platform step ladder

The platform step ladder provides the user with a robust and stable base for working. It should never be buckled or split when you are using the ladder. A split or buckled platform could lead to the collapse of the step ladder.


Step ladders can be used in many ways, like in construction sites or reaching high places in the house. They should be handled with care and regularly maintained for them to have a longer life span.

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