Feminized AK47 Seeds And Its Characteristics

AK-47 has a reputation for being violent, it is a very mild and chilled-out strain. AK-47 seeds produce a feminized, Sativa-dominant plant with a long-lasting, consistent buzz. AK-47 seeds are available online. Due to the cerebral high it provides, you will remain delightfully aware and able to engage in social and creative activities in any scenario. We also provide AK-47 autoflower seeds for those who like a more compact growth.

The AK-47 cannabis strain is a cross between several different kinds worldwide. These parent strains combine to provide a great blend of tastes with a THC content as high as 20% resulting in an incredible high. Even novice cannabis growers will find it simple to grow Sativa that is easy to cultivate indoors in a small space. Outdoor cultivation is also possible, with harvesting occurring towards the end of October.

Variety of AK-47

i49, a US-based company, designed the AK-47 in 1992. The strain has now gone on to win numerous honors, including the Cannabis Cup awards, the High Times Cannabis Cup, Spain’s Highlife competition, a Toronto Expo award, and many others. This variety, which has received 16 marijuana awards, is known worldwide for having a high THC concentration.

Despite being named after a Soviet Union assault gun, this mellow cannabis strain crosses several different strains from different cultures and countries. It’s a cross of Sativa strains from the following parent varieties:

  • Sam is a South American (Colombian) Sativa variety of marijuana.
  • Mexican Sativa (Mexican Sativa)
  • Thai Sativa is referred to as Tha.
  • Afg is an abbreviation for Afghani Indica.

Feminized AK47 Seeds

These are feminized AK 47 seeds, which implies that they will produce weed rather than male plants, which are needed for breeding purposes only. The plants begin to flower when they receive less light per day, which occurs in October or when the light cycle changes indoors.

Are you interested in growing the AK-47 strain of cannabis on your property? Growing this skunky, resinous, Sativa-dominant hybrid indoors in either a hydroponic or soil growing system is the best option for this strain’s flavor and aroma. This is the most straightforward method of growing AK-47, which results in a blooming duration of approximately 53 to 63 days. Outdoor growing is ideal for more experienced producers, with harvesting from late September until the end of October.

AK-47 Is a Powerful Strain

The AK-47 is a powerful weapon. Although it is resistant to rotting and mold, it is sensitive to these conditions. As a result, adequate ventilation is required when growing AK-47 indoors to avoid excessive humidity, which could cause damage to the plants. Temperatures should be cold but bright, and there should be plenty of fresh air to breathe. Choose a location with lots of vertical space since this will allow the plant to flourish and reach its full potential.

In the best-case scenario, when growing AK-47 indoors (which is the optimal option), flowering takes between 7-9 weeks. In general, each plant yields approximately 14 ounces per square meter of growing space. Depending on the strain, it can grow from 19 to 32 inches tall. Outdoor AK-47 cultivation demands harvesting towards the end of October. Each of these plants can generate approximately 14 ounces of usable cannabis.

Mood Elevator

Experts describe the AK-47 strain of cannabis as “a notoriously joyful strain of cannabis.” When using this product, users report a feeling of clear-headed relaxation and positive moods packed with excellent vibrations. Because it is a mood-elevator, it is an excellent strain for those who suffer from stress or despair. It is also well-known for being a strain that stimulates the mind’s ability to think creatively.

The indicia content of AK-47 is approximately 35%, while the Sativa content is approximately 65%. Indica-dominant cannabis strains such as this one will leave you feeling tranquil and comfortable while still being uplifted and creative. Users report feeling euphoric for longer than they do with many other strains, and giggles are common.

Favorable Effects

The following are some of the most prevalent favorable effects of consuming the AK-47 cannabis variety:

  • Energy
  • Euphoria
  • Happiness
  • Relaxation
  • Uplifted

The sensation of being high is usually felt right once after consuming marijuana. When smoked or vaped, you’ll find yourself quickly drifting slowly into a powerful, intellectual high that will last for hours. The AK-47 helps to put you in a good mood, allowing you to keep a smile on your face from ear to ear for no apparent reason at all.

When taking AK-47 in moderate doses, only minor negative effects have been reported by some users. This is how it earned the reputation of being a simple cigarette. When using the AK-47, some people have reported feeling lightheaded and dizzy and experiencing headaches and a little sense of paranoia. However, these modest side effects are only seen in a small number of people.

Negative Effects Of Marijuana Seeds

Some of the negative effects of the AK-47 marijuana seeds that some users may not appreciate are as follows:

  • Anxiety
  • Dizziness
  • Dry eyes
  • Mouth Feeling Dry
  • Paranoia

The aroma of AK-47 has a slightly sour tone to it and a distinct earthy scent that is highly evident. When you smoke this naturally strong-smelling cannabis strain, you will experience a nice blend of several types of whiffs. After each puff, you may notice a faint scent of sugary sweetness remaining in the air, which you can attribute to the marijuana.

Taste And Smell Of AK-47

You’ll also appreciate the earthy, peppery flavor that’s balanced with sweet, flowery notes. Users rave about the herbal spiciness, which has helped to make it one of the most popular “skunk” Marijuana Seeds available on the market. The following are some of the terms that have been used to describe the taste and smell of the AK-47 cannabis strain:

  • Earthy
  • Pungent
  • Sour
  • Sweet
  • a sweet floral scent

Final Thoughts

Medical marijuana experts adore the AK-47’s extremely effective medical characteristics, making it a popular choice among patients. Because of the transient euphoric effects of this strain of cannabis, it can be used to ease stress and enhance moods.

The AK-47 cannabis strain is known for allowing you to relax without falling asleep thoroughly. It is also a popular strain for the treatment of chronic pain. Furthermore, because the high isn’t as intense, medicinal marijuana patients can take a few puffs here and there during the day and still be functional. The AK-47 is well-known for causing a severe case of munchies. In this way, it is an excellent strain for treating acute nausea and an inability to eat.

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