Find Out the Reasons Why You Should Go To Bratislava, Slovakia

Slovakia is one of the world’s most beautiful countries. It has several fantastic cities. Bratislava is one of them and the capital city too. Bratislava has a distinct vibe that you will remember forever. This city can astonish you in a variety of ways. Continue reading this article to find out why you must visit Bratislava. 

Bratislava is popular for several reasons. From wonderful meals to an amazing city view, it has everything that can make your trip a memorable one. From the Bratislava shopping centre Nivy, you can shop for fashion and many other things. There is so much that can convince you why you must plan a trip to Bratislava. 

Reasons to Visit Bratislava:

  • Cheap wine and beer:

If you are someone who enjoys wine and beer, then Bratislava will not disappoint you. Here, you will find the best quality wine and beer that too at an affordable price. The wine here is cheaper than the water bottle. Amazing right. If you are looking for a night out or just a drink with supper, Bratislava’s pricing is unbeatable.

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  • Amazing Bratislava castle:

You can see this massive white castle throughout Bratislava, and from the top, you can overlook the entire city. It is almost 1,000 years old. Choose a time to visit that is just before sunset. You will be able to see the castle both during the day and at night, as well as see a stunning sunset over the city.

  • The Grammable Blue Church:

The Blue Church is one of Bratislava’s most famous landmarks. It is unlike any other church because the design of this church is in an art nouveau style. The church’s interior is similarly painted in pale blue to match its name.

  • Rich history:

Bratislava has a rich history. Its appearance dates back to the era of Celts. Further, it has several historic places that can help you learn more about its history. Bratislava castle is also one of the historic monuments of the nation. 

  • Beautiful streets for night walk:

Walking in the centre at night is one of everyone’s favourite pastimes. The beauty of Bratislava increases 10 times more at night. At times, you get the impression that the entire city is sleeping. Explore Bratislava as the sunsets and the city lights come to life.

  • Beautiful colorful buildings:

This will be your thing if you are a picture-taking obsessive. You will not want to stop wandering because there are beautiful images that you can take on practically every street in Bratislava’s centre.

  • Market and the food:

You will find the streets of Bratislava filled with amazing stores. There are souvenirs, pictures, jewellery, ceramics, clothing, and other wonderful stuff for sale. 

When it comes to our national dishes, Slovak food is hearty. However, it is also delicious. Try a meal full of meat and cheeses — they have many classic taverns from which to pick. You can have an out-of-the-ordinary dining experience here.  Three separate restaurants in the historical centre are offering a 3-course meal with drinks. 

Bratislava is a fun place. Not only for the adults but for kids too. Therefore, next time you plan an abroad trip, make sure it is Bratislava, Slovakia. 

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