Finding Building and Pest Inspection Experts in Brisbane North

Buying a home or commercial property involves a lot of investment. You cannot take risk of spending your hard-earned money on a property that has issues. Before taking the next step you need to ensure that the property does not have any damage or pest issues. And If you are buying a used property, then it becomes imperative to check for any defects, such as structural problems, safety hazards, and water and termite damage. 

How to ensure your property has no issues? Homebuyers and property investors need to carry out the pre-purchase building and pest inspection of the property and get a detailed report. Hiring a professional firm would be the best way to get the report prepared as they plan to buy a commercial or residential property.

Hire a Top Rated Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane north

Property buyers must get a comprehensive building and pest inspection report of the home or commercial place they are looking to buy. Clearcut Building Inspections is one of the leading firms providing top-notch building and pest inspection services in Brisbane north. With a team of experienced professionals equipped with the latest technology, we offer transparent and precise reports on the very day you contact us.

Wide Range of Building and Pest Inspection Services

Whether you are an individual home buyer or a property investor, Clearcut Building Inspections is always there to assist you in getting your building and pest inspection is done in a matter of hours

Our services include:

Pre-purchase Home Inspections

Planning to buy a residential or commercial property? Getting your property inspected would be the best way to ensure there are no issues. You can conduct a pre-purchase building inspection or a combined timber pest inspection from a plethora of services we offer. Our comprehensive building and pest report include the details of obstructions in and around the property, safety hazards, structural problems, and maintenance issues.

General Building Inspections 

For our clients, we prepare a general building inspection report that comprises the visual condition of the interior and exterior of the property, roof exterior, roof space, subfloor, fences, non-structural retaining walls, sheds, outhouses, and ground within 30 meters of the property.

Handover Inspections 

Since we have more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry, we are well-versed to detect any poor workmanship in newly built or renovated properties. Under our Handover inspections service, we provide you with a comprehensive building inspection report that you can use to get the issues fixed from your seller.  

Timber Pest Inspections 

The presence of timber pests such as termites is a serious cause of concern that can damage your property extensively. We carry out extensive pest inspections of all the wood and timber materials to make sure there is zero chance of pests on your property. We have advanced moisture meters and specialized thermal, sounding, and probing equipment to carry out timber pest inspections.

Summing up

Planning to buy a new property or a renovated one, you cannot afford to take risks of blindly believing in the seller. It’s time to get your property inspected for any defect or pest issues with Clearcut Building Inspections. Don’t forget to contact us for the best building and pest inspection Brisbane north.

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