Finding the best tyre brands in Australia?

Today’s tyre market is fierce and for the average consumer that may only buy new tyres every two or three years, it is helpful to have an overview of what the different brands offer.

Which tyres brands are best?

In this article, we will have a look at the best tyre brands in Australia for trucks, commercial and passenger vehicles and list some of the features that make these brands leaders in the tyre market.


Offering a large range of truck, commercial and domestic tyres, Continental is known for its reliability, longevity, and keen prices. While their name may not be as popular as the manufacturers with big marketing budgets, they are well-known for continuously expanding their loyal customer base. Continental has a strong affiliation with brands like Mercedes and BMW.


Michelin is always close to the top of the domestic tyre market due to their affordability, quality and reputation. This includes the truck tyre range that they offer. They are innovative when it comes to designing and testing their tread patterns. Despite the research and development costs that Michelin incurs every year, they still offer very competitive pricing.


Pirelli Tyres is directly linked to Formula One racing, being their exclusive supplier for many years. Pirelli tyres are also factory fitted to many luxury vehicles. Their brand is popular on trucks and buses due to their great truck tire designs.


Hankook is one of the better-known truck tyre brands. Not only do Fleet Managers and truck owners rely on Hancook tyres for their reliability, but also for value for money and availability. Hankook is a popular choice when needing affordable truck tyres that you can count on.


It is hard to find ab better-known tyre brand in Australia. Bridgestone is a household name and the brand has been linked to V8 motor racing for decades and is a leader in the domestic tyre market. With innovation at the heart of their brand, they are consistently focused on developing better tyre materials, having previously developed radial tyres and rayon cord tyres. They may be a little pricey, but Bridgestone is the gold standard for quality truck tyres.


Yokohama is one of the most recognisable tyre brands in Australia. Their brand is associated with professional motor racing. People trust Yokohama due to its incredibly resilient tyres and durability. Although they are not a leader in the truck tyre niche, Yokohama offers a broad range of tyres at affordbale prices.

Toyo Tyres

Toyo Tyres are known as a reputable all-around and innovative tyre manufacturer. High-quality tyres that are reliable and manufactured under quality-controlled conditions and affordable prices are how the Toyo Tyres name likes to be recognised.

Maxxis Tyres

With more than 50 years of design and manufacturing experience behind them, Maxxis has earned a great reputation for producing an excellent range of tyre products. With a focus on research and development, Maxxis is known for great customer service and is increasingly recognised as a leading tyre brand based on high quality and value.

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