Five Tips for Choosing a Betting Site

Figure 1 There are a lot of betting sites to choose from

Choosing the right sports betting site to sign up with can be a tougher decision than it appears. If you blindly search you will be rewarded with thousands of options, all purporting to be the one you should pick.

It is true, there are thousands of sportsbooks to choose from online. But there are a few things you can do to make your decision easier. We’ve put together five factors to consider before choosing your betting site. Read on to find out what you need to remember.

Is it Legal?

First and foremost you should make a quick check that the sports betting site you are considering is completely legal. This involves making sure that sports betting is allowed where you live. Gambling laws may have changed dramatically in the last few years but sports betting is still not allowed everywhere.

Even if you are allowed to place bets online in your location you should also perform a quick check on the site itself. It should be fully licensed and regulated by a relevant gambling commission. You can then rely on the security of the site and concentrate on your betting.

Betting Options

When it comes to placing bets there needs to be a wide range of sports and events available for you to make your selections. You will probably be concentrating on a few sports that you know enough about to risk money wagering. But take a look at how many more the site offers.

It is always a good sign if an online sportsbook has an extensive range of sports and betting markets available. You may not ever use most of them, but it does show that they have enough experience and reach to take bets on a wide variety. It also probably means that the odds offered are competitive.

User Experience

This is one factor that you cannot really fully test until you have signed up for a customer account. But there are plenty of review sites available that rate betting sites, so you should be able to get a good idea about how its customers use the site – and what they think of the service.

Once you have narrowed the field down to a few options you can then take a closer look at the betting sites before signing up. That doesn’t have to be the end of the process though. There is nothing to say that you can’t sign up with numerous sportsbooks. So if you don’t like the one you’re with, try another one.

Figure 2 Customer service should be considered when making your decision

Customer Service

This aspect of choosing an online sportsbook is important but for something that you will probably rarely need. Hopefully the online betting site that you go for will work perfectly – and you will never have any kind of problem placing bets or with anything else. But the one time you do need some help, you want to know you will be looked after.

You can get a lot of information from the review sites once again. Customer support varies from site to site and can sometimes be the difference in choosing one over another. You should be looking for a help team that offer round the clock assistance, using live chat or phone – and has a good reputation.

Bonuses and Offers

This will probably be the first thing you see when you are searching for a betting site – but one of the last factors to take into consideration. Welcome offers and new customer bonuses are obviously very important and can make a lot of difference at the start of your experience.

But there are always terms and conditions attached, so you should read the small print first. How you are treated after initially signing up is more important anyway. Check out what the offers for existing customers are like for a truer reflection on how you will be treated as an account holder.

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