Focus on trend: the personalized medallion necklace

For a few seasons now, this feminine and delicate piece of jewelery has made a name for itself among our accessories: the medallion necklace . Particularly discreet, it is one of those fine jewels that we wear easily every day to add a touch of sparkle to each of our looks, without too much effort. The medal necklace easily dresses up a simple t-shirt and at the same time tastefully accessorizes an evening outfit. A safe bet adopted by many fashionistas around the world, including on social networks like instagram where it has appeared a lot.

At atelier de famille, we offer a wide range of fine and refined personalized necklaces to satisfy your desires for minimalist jewelry. Discover our selection!

A solid silver medallion necklace to engrave

Do you like silver Wholesale Jewelry and want to add a personalized medallion necklace to your neck? Here are our ideas to embellish your neckline in delicacy. And to get a truly unique medal necklace, don’t forget to mention your personalized engraving when you purchase it, it’s free, take advantage of it!

The elegant combination: silver medallion and fine stones

More than just a medallion, our solid silver medallion long necklace is adorned with a chain of fine stones for a refined and elegant result. An exclusive atelier de famille creation to bring a touch of originality to your look. It’s up to you to choose the type of fine stones (spinel, chalcedony, labradorite, moonstone) and also the engraving that will be affixed to the medal. Two chain lengths are available to choose from to adapt to all body types.

A medal to engrave and its natural mother-of-pearl

What if the solid silver medallion was accompanied by a little touch of mother-of-pearl around your neck? This is the original approach of our designer who added a small mother-of-pearl element to the traditional medallion to create two original jewels: the mother-of-pearl medallion and clover on a chain and the mother-of-pearl medallion and star on a chain. 

It’s up to you to choose the mother-of-pearl color you prefer: pink mother-of-pearl, gray mother-of-pearl or white mother-of-pearl. A colorful twist that will boost your look!

A gold-plated medallion necklace to engrave

One cannot escape the trend of gold-plated jewellery, in particular that of gold-plated medallions worn as a necklace or sautoir. A fine jewel that is often sufficient on its own, but that can also be worn in accumulation to create your own harmony of jewels. 

At atelier de famille, the personalization of your medal necklace by engraving is offered to you, do not hesitate to write the words, the first names of those you wish to keep close to you throughout the day.

A gold-plated medal and its colored pompom

When two fashion trends come together, the result is the small message pompom medallion  : an adorable piece of gold-plated jewelery with a touch of color of your choice in the form of a fabric pompom. 

A total of 7 messages available pre-engraved on the medals: “imagine”, “dreamer”, “a star is born”, “pretty heart”, “know how to dream”, “bohemia”, “my lucky star”. An adorable gift idea for a birthday, a birth or any other nice occasion.

A gold-plated double medal to play accumulation

And if one medal isn’t enough… wear two! This is what we offer you with our duo of medals on short chains . It will sublimate the hollow of your neckline with grace and sensuality: the largest medallion will reach your chest, the shortest at your neck. 

With our duo of medals to engrave, you no longer need to look for two necklaces to combine, we have brought them together for you! Have a date, initials or even small symbols engraved on it (hearts, stars, clouds, etc.). Let your imagination be free…

A gold-plated medallion and its natural mother-of-pearl

This time, again, our designer has adapted the medallion necklace in an unprecedented way by associating it with natural mother-of-pearl. Two gold-plated necklaces were thus created. The first, the “a star is born” and mother-of-pearl medal necklace , carries a message full of meaning for the wearer. The second necklace, baptized “  ellipse  ”, consists of two medals to be engraved, a star-shaped natural mother-of-pearl and a gold-plated circle. An original and unique jewel to offer or to treat yourself!

On our online store, discover many other medals available in different materials, to be personalized by you.

And for a gift that makes an impact, consider adding a gift bag when ordering online.

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