Four Explanations That Influences Tiger Generator Price

A generator is a device that necessitates the conversion of motive energy into producing electrical power applicable in external circuits. The point upon conversion is transmitted and distributed for various purposes, including; commercial, domestic, and industrial usage. In addition, automobiles, ships, and trains also rely heavily on generators.

This article focuses on the factors that primarily prompt generator prices to differ.

Thanks to the technology that has given birth to various energy solutions to mitigate power shortages and provide alternatives.

The power sources fall under two categories based on the nature of their heads, that is, renewable and non-renewable. Renewable sources include; wind, nuclear power, solar power, and geothermal, amongst others, while non-renewable refer to petroleum, hydrocarbon gas liquids, and coal.

The discussion below shows the determining factors behind the cost of tiger generators.

 Portable generator

Today’s operations have undergone a significant evolution due to the high mobility rate and job factors. For instance, the people who do construction activities tend to shift from one area to another as work opportunities arise. In this regard, the portable generator automatically fills the gap and remains the list preferable. The resulting aspect of this is that it causes the price variation with the mobile selling slightly higher than the stationary generator.

Inverter generator

An inverter generator is the one that has the engine connected to the alternator resulting in the production of  AC energy. The good thing about this generator is that there is a constant flow of current to the connected appliance hence no disconnection in the line of duty. At the same time, maintaining power usage according to the demands makes it more fuel-efficient. The price variation comes in making others cheap while others are relatively higher.

General maintenance

Maintenance plays a vital role in increasing the machine’s longevity and improving productivity as a result. To begin with, the buyer should follow all the guidelines on the manufacturer’s manual and conduct inspections regularly. Again, this is regarding the oil and coolant levels, assessing leakages, and checking on the cables to ensure they are in good condition and fix them when worn out. The maintenance cost affects the Tiger generator price in Kenya directly, with high expenses connected with higher prices and vice versa.

Power supply

It’s beyond doubt that the type of oil used to run the generator directly impacts the final price of the device. The existence of various fuels used by the generator to operate now contributes to the overall pricing of the machine. Gasoline, diesel fuel, emulsified diesel, and biodiesel are joint powers used to drive generators. However, the increase in any of the fuels, for instance, will raise the maintenance cost and will also affect the pricing of the device.


The importance of a generator outweighs the disadvantages, particularly during power outages, to ensure continuity of the operations without distractions. Although it’s beneficial in various ways, the price depends on some factors. Similarly, it’s good to consider that the size of the machine and the available modifications, e.g., auto-ignition during blackouts, is an added advantage. It’s upon the buyer to make the right purchasing decisions based on the knowledge given above to estimate the prices of the device of his interest.

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