Glam Up Home Parties With Neon Signs

The neon trend isn’t limited to the outside world alone. Have you ever found yourself smitten by the bedazzling neon signs at your friend’s wedding reception or the pub? Well, you can own them as well. That subtle fluorescent light on your favourite signage can set an exhilarating mood for your home parties.

Hosting parties at home is no doubt fun, but depending on the Las Vegas screen rental for signage purposes scale on which you host it, it can call for a range of tasks too. Lighting is an aspect that you might happen to miss when prepping up for a grand party. While food, drinks, and other arrangements are often taken care of, lighting is often neglected. This is where just simple signage or two can come to your rescue.

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Figments Of Neon Designs
Your party will never sleep in the dark, thanks to the innovative neon light designs you can find on the market. From an established sign that highlights the party’s purpose to a custom-made one, short and sweet neon signage can ramp up the oomph of any space. Graphic signages in fluorescent hues are quite a charmer even when they appear on the buffet table or dessert corner.

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The Occasion
Be it a close family get-together, a surprise party for your best friend, or your little one’s birthday party. There is so much you can communicate with custom neon signs.

Let’s say you’ve organised a Christmas dinner for your friends at home. Yes, you can go bizarre with these funky lights. If you aren’t sure which lights to shop for, don’t worry, this blog has you covered.

For your parties around the holiday season, you can pick from a plethora of neon signs. Not just those flashing literature, but florescent signages come in various artistic designs. You can grab a reindeer in neon pink to mount on the wall against your Christmas tree. A ‘Merry Christmas’ signage in the entryway can communicate the warmth you may wish to extend to your folks.

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Even a ‘Welcome’ sign in flaming tones at the entryway can relay the balminess of the rocking party awaiting them. You can find easily pluggable bespoke designs that can be connected to any outlet.

Be it your sister’s baby shower, tea party with school friends, your Mum’s retirement party, housewarming, bachelorette, or going away party, neon lights are multipurpose. They can be universally used just about anywhere.

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Where Can You Place Neon Lights For Parties At Home?
Are you wondering where to place the luminous signage? Here are a few ways you can spruce up the lighting arrangements for your home party with fluorescent signs.

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String lights in fluorescent hues can be looped around your balconies or portico to dress the occasion. Star, Santa, and Joystick-shaped lights can make an excellent choice for Christmas parties. Be it to hug the Tree snugly or highlight your dining space, these can be used in countless ways.

A pulsating ‘Happy New Year’ or a ‘Happy Birthday’ neon signage can become the star of your surprise party. Simply append it from the wall behind the cake stand to catch the attention of your guests.

Are you planning a cosy dinner with your beloved on the rooftop? Neon signages such as ‘love’, ‘forever yours’, ‘made for each other’ in warm neon colours can add to your serendipity moments. A neon heart on the wall can say it all! Whether placed on the candy holder or the proposal ring box, you are sure to draw her attention to the arresting couple party.

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Neon Up The Bar Counter
If you wish to do something innovative with your glowing lights, simply hang them on the wall behind the bar. If you have your wine, cocktails, and mocktails displayed on a bar cart, you can give it that intoxicating feel with some heady signs. Signages with transcending inscriptions, such as ‘do what makes you happy’, ‘bar open’, ‘cocktails and more’, or a custom neon signage with your name on it, can light up the party mood.

If it’s your daughter’s birthday and you have a Disney or any other theme planned for the party, it would be a brilliant idea to place a theme-based character neon sign right next to the photo booth. Not only will it attract guests to click their selfies but gracefully chime with the theme. From neon balloons to age-inscribed candles for the cake, you can select from a bouquet of vivid neon signages to accessorise your party.

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Dance Fun With Neon Disco Lights
Want your guests to shake a leg at your party? Just leave a neon sign that reads ‘groove in’, ‘shake it’ or perhaps ‘get down’ at the hallway and watch your guests move in sync with their exhilarating spirits. You can also highlight the dance floor with neon stage lights for that random snowball effect. The LED neon luminaries are sure to light up the stage when coordinated with pumping music.

Want to engage your guests in an exciting game? Get all the couples at your party to dance with glowing neon masks!

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Return Gifts
Planning return gifts can seem quite an arduous task amidst all the party arrangements that one has to make. A neon sign can make a genuinely appealing giveaway for your friends, family, and colleagues as well. Be it a small Christmas tree neon wall hanging or a Halloween pumpkin that can be placed on the table, your guests will love the way you illuminate the festive occasion for them with the luminescent lights. Top-rated neon stores can also design custom neon signs befitting any occasion. You can share your unique ideas for personalised designs or select from an exclusive collection at your favourite online neon store.

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From bright blue, hot pink, sparkling white, blood red, coral pink to tropical orange and more, the colour spectrum is more prosperous than you can imagine. LED neon signages sourced from a popular store can illuminate your party, are low maintenance and long-lasting, and will never fail to impress your guests. You can pick the independently programmed lights that are more flexible. For instance, one that can be used both for its animation and words can engage your guests in its content regardless of how crowded your party may be.

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