Gold Hoard: Discovering a Hidden Treasure in Your Own Home

Sometimes you have a hidden treasure right beneath your nose and do not realize it. In fact, it may be resting within your yard or inside your house. Treasures can be found more easily than what you believe. You just need to know where to look.

Sometimes, people have buried gold in their yard because they planned to dig it up later for retirement. Who knows? Someone could have done that in your own backyard and you have not yet discovered it.

For instance, during the Depression in the 1930s, some people, who did not trust the banks at the time, stored their savings in their homes or buried coins in their yards. Even in ancient times, people buried coins and metals to come back and snatch them up later. 

Finding a Silver or Gold Hoard: An Exciting Numismatic Even

You may even find a precious and rare coin in your piggy bank. To give you an example of a silver or gold hoard discovery, you only need to review some numismatic history. For instance, silver coins were found in 1878 in, of all places – Economy, Pennsylvania. 

They were placed underground in 1836 by a group called the Harmony Society. The so-called utopian community placed about $75,000 worth of coins inside a vault. When the coins were found, they had tarnished from exposure, due to the vault’s damp conditions. 

The coins found and valued in the find included 400 quarters covering dates from 1818 to 1828, and a hundred and a half dollars that were dated from 1794 to 1795. An amazing number of large half dollars, covering a period from 1801 to 1807, were discovered as well. A coin dealer purchased the coins for $6,500. 

Seeking Out Buried Treasures

Some people use metal detectors to find hoards of coins or even a single coin. They may also discover items, such as Civil War tokens when they are seeking hidden finds. 

You just have to remember that most coins are dug pretty deep beneath the ground. Therefore, in most cases, gold hoards are buried pretty deep, or lie about ten inches below the surface. 

While you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a metal detector, you still need to look at specific features. Look at detectors that display a reasonable search depth so you can find more coins. 

Also, it is important to use a detector that comes with manual ground balancing that has not been present. Only use detectors with amenities, such as target notching and iron discrimination. This will help you weed out nails and similar worthless objects beneath the ground. The search depth for the device should be at least 6 inches.

A metal detector that is not waterproof costs about several hundred dollars. If you don’t plan to wade through swampy areas to look for a coin stash, a land-based detector will do just fine.

Learn All You Can about Numismatics and About Old Coin Values Online

You can also gain an advantage when seeking a coin hoard by reviewing the values of old coins online. Again, just because a coin is old and somewhat faded does not mean it is not valuable. Learning all you can about numismatics and coin values can help you strike some really exciting finds.

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