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Models are important because they are seen using products in advertisements. In many cases, they are either photographed or videotaped so that a company or person can sell their products.

There are many people that are models and some of them are considered hand models. This is an article that deals with hand models and information about what they do. You will get the information that you need to make good decisions.

What Is A Hand Model?

A hand model is someone that models by using their hands. They might be in ads for rings or other jewelry. Many cosmetic companies also use them to show off fingernail polish or other products that they sell for hands. Since a hand model can do a lot of different things, they might also be used for other types of products too. They are very good at what they do and respected for the hands that they have.

How Much Does A Hand Model Make?

An average yearly income for a hand model is around $39K/ Yeat. They can make even more than that and some of them make $62,000 a year and up. It all depends on how good they are and the extent of their portfolio. They should have an extensive amount of pictures that show how their hands can be used to sell products.

A good portfolio is a hand model’s best friend. They also need to take good care of their hands and make sure that they moisturize them to keep their skin soft and supple. It will make a difference in the long run for them.

Where Do You Find A Hand Model?

The best way to find a good hand model is by doing a simple search online. You can see their work online if they put up their portfolio. Their salary expectation will also be listed and you can get a good idea of how they are to work with just by taking a look at their website.

Make sure that you set up an appointment to talk with them in person. You want to make sure that their hands will sell your products. You can also find a hand model by word of mouth. Someone else might know of a good hand model that they recommend so be sure to tell other people that you are looking for one.


Now that you know more about what a hand model does, you will be able to find the one that you want to help you sell your products. Make sure to talk business with them so that all the details are correct when you draw up a contract with them. If you are considering becoming a hand model, now you know about how much you will be able to make. It is a great career to get into if you are interested in something like that. Either way, this article should help you to know where you can get started. Go online and start looking right away.

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