Home Cleaning Tips for a Faster Turnaround

We all want and need a clean home. For most of us, it’s not ideal that it is us who have to clean the house, but we do it nonetheless. However, if you aren’t skilled or devoted to the task, cleaning your home may take a long time and can be even more tedious, especially if you have to redo a task.

Fortunately, house cleaning experts from MaidThis Myrtle Beach were willing to share some tips and tricks on how to make cleaning quicker, if not more fun.

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Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Handy

If you need to clean your home on a tight schedule, it is always good to be prepared. Most of us keep our cleaning supplies in one or two places for convenience.

However, if you want to be even more efficient, you can actually store all of your cleaning supplies and equipment in the bucket which you use during cleaning.

Not only are all of your supplies in one place when you need them, but they will also take up a lot less space, which is always a plus.

Vacuum Cleaners Can Help a Lot

Some home cleaning experts suggest that you ditch the broom altogether in your cleaning routine. Modern vacuum cleaners are not only superior to those from the past, but they are also more than capable of replacing brooms as well.

With different add-ons, you can switch between carpets and hardwood floors with ease and the convenience of using a vacuum cleaner. Not to mention that there is no more kicking up dust, or having to carry a dustpan with you everywhere.

Do the Big Ticket Items First

Here is the deal, cleaning your house on short notice can be fairly exhausting and stressful. If you are strapped for time, you may need to choose between tasks you can cram into the limited time window you have for cleaning.

Well, you should never skip vacuuming your floors, because it is fairly obvious if you don’t do that. Wiping down your tables is fairly important too, so don’t avoid that. On the other hand, dusting top shelves is hardly a priority, especially if you do this chore at least once every two weeks or so.

Get Yourself Some Additional Storage

If you have magazines lying around and a bunch of other smaller items which are causing your home to appear cluttered and crowded, you may need to buy some storage boxes or baskets.

These items can look pretty good, especially if you manage to combine them with the rest of your interior design. However, they serve a much more important purpose – they offer a quick and simple solution to the clutter which accumulates in your living room over the week.

Simply put things away into these boxes and all of the clutter will be gone in an instant. Just make sure you have a system and that you know what goes where.

Clean Large Surfaces in Your Bathroom Easily

Here is a pro tip from home cleaning experts – all of the smooth surfaces in your bathroom, like your shower, your mirror and even your tiled walls can be cleaned with a squeegee.

Squeegees are designed to clean smooth surfaces, so why not use that to your advantage, instead of toiling away with a cloth or whatever your system used to be. It will get rid of all the soap scum and the excess water.

Some of these cleaning tips can be used to permanently shorten and simplify your cleaning efforts, whereas others are only to be used in times of need. You decide which ones you feel comfortable using.If you don’t have time to clean, you can book cleaning services at cleanmytribe.com.”

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