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Nowadays there is a lot of competition not only in the working routine but also in the field of education. Students, irrespective of their age, are getting so much pressure from the school and parents that the children are very upset whether they want to come first in the class or get the best marks. Children have lost their childhood under this pressure. Education should be a matter of enthusiasm and happiness for the children whereas today children get irritated when they are asked questions about studies. What is the reason for this? The reason for this is that instead of making studies encouraging, it is being imposed on children in a cumbersome way. One word in this process is homework. It is a very important part of studies for student life in many ways. Today if the word homework is spoken in front of a child, then his condition becomes worse. Most of the students do not like to do homework, it is not even their fault because the study and its related parts are presented in the wrong way, due to which the interest of the children ends in studies.

There are many important reasons behind giving homework to children. Homework is assigned to students for their own benefits. Through homework, the teacher comes to know how much the children taught by him have understood, as well as when the children go home and do the homework, then there will be a proper revision of all the text material taught by the teacher and students from the point of view of examination memorize all the lessons and material taught. Along with many other extracurricular activities homework is also a medium to teach few necessary things to students such as time management, to set the priorities in a planned manner, to learn how to solve the problems on the basis of lessons studied in school, to revise the lessons and memorize them timely, to understand and accept the part of responsibility of their own regarding their education, how to work independently to manage study schedule. Homework also teaches students an important lesson of management i.e., to plan and organize the studies and act accordingly so that study should be a joyful process instead of being a burden.

But as any of the topics has its own pros and cons in the same way in the matter of homework there are some problems which these days students are facing a lot. Such as in order to bring toppers out of the students, they are burdened with a lot of homework far more than their capacity to endure. They have been given assignments to write, activities to do and a lot more which makes them more busy than their parents. Students can be seen tired and with a pale face due to such a burden. All these above things are necessary for the betterment of students but everything is good to an extent. On an average students even who belong to elementary education spend 5-6 hours in school where they have to study only that too in a restricted environment under discipline and after that they have to run for private tuitions for 1-2 or 2-3 hours and hardly 1 hour remains for their playing. Now after being so exhausted how a student is supposed to do homework of 30 minutes or more or assignments where he has to search facts and prepare notes too. For example, a high school student who is already under pressure of board exams who has a task to prepare class 10 science notes and has to go through preparation of home exams as well as board exams and assignments, he will be under extreme pressure and won’t be able to prepare his class 10 science notes. As a result, he won’t be able to score good marks in science.

Students should never be burdened with so much that their mental status as well as their studies get affected. They should be allowed to prepare and study online with the help of online classes app also so that they can get various good study materials for preparation on those online classes app. They should be guided and taught by mentors with the right plans & methods to prepare in less time. Students should be taught tricky methods to solve questions in less time. Student life is a precious moment of life which should be managed and guided in a facilitative and full of knowledge method instead of burdening.

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