How 350 Legend Ammo 150 Grain Compares to 300 Blackout

350 Legend ammo 150 grain represent cartridges that were originally created to meet a need that arose for deer hunters. Manufactured by Winchester, it’s a rimless centerfire round with straight walls that was created for states like Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan. You see, in these particular states, deer hunters must use straight wall cartridges by law. 

Because of this, the guys and gals over at Winchester Repeating Arms decided to design and manufacture a hard-hitting round with low recoil that adhered to these parameters. What came out of this process was 350 Legend cartridges. 

Perfectly set up for hunting whitetails at distances of around 250 yards, this round is a potent addition to anyone’s firing setup. Having a similar rim diameter to .223 Remington rounds, 350 Legend ammo 150 grain cartridges are able to be integrated with the AR-15, needing only a barrel change. 

So, What About 300 AAC Blackout Ammo?

300 Blackout ammunition – like 350 Legend ammo – was developed for use in close quarters and with the AR-15 platform. Offering much-reduced recoil and 30-round magazine capacities, the 300 Blackout is a great opinion whether firing via a carbine sub or super-sonically.

When trying to decide between 300 AAC and 350 Legend ammo, it really does come down to what you’re intending to use them for, as well as where you’re going to be using them.  

You see, if you intend to go for a spot of deer hunting in one of the US states that requires you to use straight-walled rounds, then 350 Legend 150 grain ammo is the most suitable option. On the other hand, if you want the round you buy to easily integrate for use with an AR-15 carbine, then it’s the Blackout ammo that’s going to stand out. 

350 Legend Ammo isn’t so Appealing in Other States

When you move into states that don’t require you to use straight-walled bullets, then 350 Legend ammo isn’t going to be top of the list for you. Instead, you should aim for (no pun intended) 308 Winchesters when firing over long distances, as they provide improved terminal ballistics without having to forego the efficiency benefits of bottleneck rounds. 

350 Legend Ammo 150 Grain Is Great…For The Right Environment

At the end of the day, you have to think about the fact that 350 Legend ammo was manufactured in order to meet the needs of those deer hunting in states that operate with strict cartridge rules. In these states, it makes sense that these rounds are popular, as they allow hunters to get the performance they need while also remaining within the law.

Conversely, if you’re hunting in other parts of the US, away from these guidelines, then 300 Blackout rounds are going to be the better option. They’re better in terms of ballistics and offer increased precision and power – it’s just that they don’t happen to be straight-walled rounds. 

That’s not to say that 350 Legend ammo aren’t good quality rounds – they are! It’s just that there are better options available in certain conditions. 

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