How do private investigators find cheating spouses?

Are you concerned about your spouse’s fidelity? Do you think they’re cheating? You may not be sure, and perhaps you want to know for sure before confronting them. If so, hiring a private investigator can help you get the answer you need.

What Do Private Investigators Do?

Private investigators (also known as private detectives) are licensed individuals who conduct investigations on behalf of private clients. Private investigators may specialize in various areas, including surveillance, background checks and fraud.

The duties of a private investigator vary greatly depending on the type of business and the specific assignment given to them by their client. Private investigators are often hired by businesses to investigate employees for theft or other misconduct. A private investigator may also be hired by an individual who is seeking information about someone else’s background or behavior.

How Do Private Investigators Find Cheating Spouses?

There are many ways that a private eye can find out if someone is cheating on their spouse or partner. For example:

They may use surveillance equipment like microphones and cameras to record conversations between your spouse and his or her lover (or lovers). They may also use GPS tracking devices to monitor the movements of both parties involved in the relationship. These devices are small enough to be hidden inside a cell phone but powerful enough to allow investigators to track individuals 24/7 as long as they have internet access or cell reception.

How do they do this?

With the exception of some high end software packages, all investigators use traditional methods like stakeouts, surveillance and interrogations.

1. Stakeouts

Stakeouts are essentially watching your spouse’s movements. The more often you hire an investigator, the more likely they will catch your spouse in the act of cheating on you. However, this will only happen if they have enough evidence beforehand to convince them that their spouse is having an affair.

2. Surveillance

Surveillance allows investigators to follow your spouse around town from afar and see who they are meeting with and where they go after work or school hours. If a private investigator suspects that someone is cheating on their significant other, this technique can be used to confirm their suspicions or rule out certain individuals as suspects entirely.

3. Interrogations

Interrogations are useful when there is only circumstantial evidence of infidelity but no hard proof that your partner has been unfaithful (yet). For example, if you suspect that your spouse might be having an affair but you don’t know who with yet, an interrogation will allow you to ask them questions about their recent whereabouts without being too obvious about it. This way, if they lie about something during the interrogation, then you’ll have more evidence against them than just your gut feeling that something’s up!

4. GPS Tracking Devices

A GPS tracking device allows an investigator to locate a person or vehicle at any time with just the click of a button. They’re small enough that they can be attached directly to someone’s phone or placed inside of a car without being noticed. The investigator simply needs access to their target’s location at any given time and they can see where they are going, how long they stay there, how fast they’re going and more!

Investigations can be carried out using one or more of the following methods:

Tracing phone calls: To track phone calls, investigators will listen to landline phones as well as mobile phones and record everything that is said during conversations between callers. They may also use GPS tracking devices on phones so that they can see where people are at any given time.

Tracking text messages: Text messages are an important part of modern communication and many people do not realize how much information they share with others through texting. Investigators can use software programs to read texts sent from mobile phones or even smartphones and record them for later analysis by clients who want proof of infidelity before divorcing their spouse.


If you suspect your spouse of cheating, a private investigator can help. There are many methods that private detectives use to catch a cheating spouse, including following them and using secret surveillance equipment. Private investigators also gather information from other sources such as search engines, social media, and public databases.


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