How the sports world is changed by Twitch

In recent years, Twitch has taken a prominent place in the digital ecosystem. Like YouTube or Netflix, a real revolution is taking place on the Internet with this live video streaming service. And the sports world does not want to pass up such an opportunity.

Other fields close to sport  have changed diametrically thanks to the media and functional contribution of Amazon’s streaming platform. Indeed,  it is more than a hundred million  viewers  who meet online each month to enjoy the content of one of the countless existing channels . And this audience is particularly sought after by the powerful in the world of sport, because it is mainly made up of 15-30 year olds. If you are enthusiastic about gaming or just video streaming, Twitch gives you the best opportunity to earn money with creating content. To do that you have to buy Twitch viewers to reach a broader audience.

A new broadcast channel for sports event organizers

Twitch is primarily a live video streaming channel. This is why many sports rights holders, mainly leagues and federations, are very interested in this additional option to reach generations who are fleeing traditional media. For those under 30 brought up on free internet, television subscriptions to watch sports seem far too expensive. 

The number of consumers for Ligue 1 or other competitions  continues to decline  due to a  lack of renewal of paying viewers . The Premier League has also taken the lead in starting to broadcast a few games for free this year in order to get an idea of ​​the potential. An operation that is set to become more recurrent according to Amazon ‘s investment will,  which will obviously have to pay rights to broadcast sports competitions.

Clubs can get closer to their supporters

One of the main characteristics of Twitch lies in its interaction. Indeed, a viewer is not content only with the content behind his screen, but he can also interact through a text chat visible to the entire audience, but also by the broadcaster.

This is one of the reasons  for OM’s arrival  on the streaming platform, which wants to communicate more directly with passionate supporters. Friendly matches were broadcast with commentators who reacted to questions from viewers, as well as talk-show programs which saw debates arise between club representatives and fans.

After social networks, players have a new platform to express themselves

For many athletes, eSports has strong  similarities  to the sports world. What could be more normal than to see these professional athletes invade the platform that has allowed competitive video games to become more democratic?

Like the clubs, they also want to get closer to their fan base through this famous chat integration. The French tennis player, Gaël Monfils, launched his own Twitch channel at the beginning of the year where he alternates gaming and discussions with his colleagues from the ATP Tour  such as Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Richard Gasquet or Benoit Paire. Formula 1 driver Charles Leclerc was also able to show us his hand-flying skills, but on a virtual track in the F1 2020 game.

For Antoine Griezmann, founder of the “Grizi Esports” team, Twitch becomes the appropriate means of communication to promote his team. What better image operation than inviting Paul Pogba or other footballing friends to play Fortnite or PUBG with him? But beware, on Twitch,  it’s not all about promotion. The number 7 of Barça was thus able to set up a charity live with his brother Theo, in order to raise funds for the benefit of the Red Cross.


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