How to choose the Best Dress material for a Particular Dress Type?

An Indian woman loves to wear colourful dresses and ethnic outfits that showcase the traditional culture. The love for ethnic wear is never-ending as the charm and glamour which Indian dresses give to a wearer is just unbelievable. To get an eternal dress women usually choose a suit material and get it stitched into a gorgeous dress for a perfect look. 

Different Dress Materials for Different Occasion

A salwar kameez is worn at different occasions for which you need to pick the most appropriate type of dress material. Like when you wear salwar suit on daily or casual basis then you particularly rely on printed and simple dresses, yet on other hand when you decide to wear it in a party or function then you choose for the one that is fancy and trending such as floor-length designs, pakistani suits design, slit suits or any other. 

There are infinite options when you think of wearing a salwar suit and to get the best one for yourself you should choose a dress material that can be tailored in the right length and measurements providing you an eligible fit. 

Cotton Dress Material

Women in India and neighbouring countries wear salwar suits on a daily basis for which they prefer a fabric that is light in weight, breathable and absorbent so that they can wear it comfortably all day long. Everyone is aware of cotton and its characteristics as it is one of the most comfortable fabrics. So whenever it comes to picking a suit material for casual wear, printed cotton dress materials and pure cotton dress materials always rank top in the list.  

Velvet Dress Material

For weddings and parties where you need a royal and majestic look, you require a fabric that is rich in texture and classy. For this velvet is a better choice. A heavy velvet dress material detailed with beautiful embroidery and embellishments can be converted into some adoring suit patterns such as floor-length anarkalis or slit salwar suit and give you a perfect fashionista look at the event or function. 

Lawn Dress Material

Pakistani suits are one of the prettiest salwar suit patterns and when we think of lawn suits then we usually talk about Pakistani suits as lawn suits are majorly found in Pakistani styles. The lawn materials look really adoring when they are converted into a decent Pakistani salwar suit. Choosing a colourful and printed lawn dress material and converting it into a pretty Pakistani suits design or any other trending styles increases the beautification of that dress material and obviously the wearer as well. 

Final Words

The only thing is that you should choose a dress material according to the occasion where you are going to wear it. There are so many patterns and designs which you think to wear but sometimes you are not able to find the exact one at stores. So for that you don’t need to worry. Just choose a dress material of your choice and take it to the boutique where you can instruct the tailor to make a perfect dress of your choice. 

Once you get your dream dress add some beautiful accessories and ornaments to it and finalise your overall salwar kameez look. Also take care of your hairstyle, footwear and makeup according to the type of dress you are wearing. 


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