How to Choose the Best Gandalf Pipe?

Gandalf pipe, made popular by the wizard in the Lord of the Rings, is basically a long pipe used for smoking tobacco. The popularity of LOTR has made Gandalf pipes a huge hit among smoking enthusiasts. And once s product starts grabbing the attention of the masses, it is only a matter of time before the market is filled with hundreds of confusing options.

So, if you’ve made up your mind to purchase a Gandalf pipe, you’ll have to navigate the complex maze of hundreds of different options before you finally make the purchase. We are writing this detailed guide to assist you through the process. Every aspect critical to a smoker is discussed in detail to help you choose the best Gandalf pipe.

So, let us begin-

  1. Aesthetics of a Gandalf Pipe

A Gandalf pipe is just like any other pipe. What sets it apart from the crowd is the aesthetics, as it is inspired by a movie prop. So, the first consideration when you are out searching for the best is the look and feel of the product. All the other aspects look pale in comparison.

It doesn’t really matter for any LOTR fan if the pipe is mechanically flawless or available at a cheap price if it doesn’t look like the original. Especially if you are new to pipe smoking, let what you see across offline and online stores guide you. Browse through as many options as possible, and there sure will be one or even a few Gandalf pipes that will tickle your fancy.

Once you’ve selected a few that match your taste, you are ready to move on to other complex aspects of choosing the best pipe.

  1. Mechanical Factors to Avoid

While pipes are not very complex smoking tools, they do have a few mechanical considerations that can significantly impact your overall experience. The construction of the pipe you choose should be in such a manner that it delivers maximum pleasure. There should be no design flaws that could make cleaning the pipe, using it, or even keeping it together a challenge.

If this is the first time that you are purchasing a Gandalf pipe, here are a few things that you should avoid in your pipe at any cost-

  • Fills

Fills are large pits or holes that are generally filled with putty. While the presence of fills will not affect your smoking experience, the pipe with putty-filled holes might not age very well.

  • Poorly aligned parts

Good quality smoking pipes always have a perfectly smooth and precisely aligned airway, leading from the mouthpiece and all the way to the draft hole. If the tenon union or mortise is misaligned, it will disrupt the smoke stream and lead to wet or loud smokes.

  • Varnish

You can also find pipes with a variety of finishes. Most experienced smokers try to avoid pipes with varnished finishes. While it might keep the pipe shiny for a longer duration, varnish often bubbles up or starts flaking. The problem is common in cheaper Gandalf pipes that feature a varnish finish.

  • Metal filters

Some of the pipes also feature filters made from metal. A common complaint of smokers with such pipes is condensation which leads to wet and noisy smoke.

  1. Aspects You Should Watch Out For in a Gandalf Pipe

Now that we are done with a few things that you should avoid in a Gandalf pipe, let us quickly go through some critical mechanical considerations-

  • Pipe weight

It is generally said that lightweight pipes smoke better. Experienced pipe users are generally of the opinion that pipes that feel light are more convenient and pleasurable to use. They are also easier to hold in your mouth and less fatiguing. Quality lightweight pipes are also more thoroughly cured for improved moisture removal.

  • Finish and fit

It is not very difficult to differentiate a shoddy pipe from a pipe made with care. Avoid pipes with sandpaper marks, bald spots with no wax, and uneven stains. Check the insides of the bowl to ensure that everything is stain-free. Also, check whether or not the shank and stem join well.

  • Grain

While grain doesn’t directly impact the usability of the pipe, products with tighter and uniform grain are generally considered high-quality and are more expensive. With Gandalf pipes, makers often go the extra mile to ensure that the grain is uniform and looks very classy.

  • Carb hole

The carb hole should be very close to the bowl center and perfectly aligned with the stem airhole. A lot of pipes also have draft hole parting ways on the side. However, it is better to choose a pipe with a cab hole terminating at the base of the bowl.

  1. Gandalf Pipe Cost

Last but not least is the price of the pipe. While you can find basic pipes as cheap as $20, Gandalf pipes are generally more expensive. If you want a quality pipe that offers a pleasurable smoking experience and can last for years as a collectible, you’ll have to spend upwards of $100.

While you can always visit offline stores to browse through the options, the internet can also be a great place to make the purchase. Look for a reputed pipe store or brand and visit their online website to check the available options. With online shopping, you have complete freedom to purchase a collection-worthy Gandalf pipe from someone selling it from another part of the world.

Just keep the above-mentioned points in mind while checking the available options, and you should be able to pick the best,

Finding the Best Gandalf Pipe

Pipe smoking is already a very enjoyable experience. And when you are smoking tobacco from a pipe inspired by your favorite movie franchise, it will definitely enhance your experience. It is best to avoid cheap or shoddy pipes from unknown sources, as the quality of the product will significantly impact your experience.

Go for a quality product after thoroughly analyzing it based on the information available in this post to ensure that the one you choose is smokable, desirable, and collectible.

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