How to Customize Your Radio Control Car on a Budget

The initial impression someone has of your car may be significantly improved in the Radio Control Cars by an aesthetic makeover. By replacing the car’s body, or outer shell, you can have the satisfaction of turning your vehicle into a one-of-a-kind show-stopper without spending a ton of money.

Materials Required for Customization 

To begin going, you require a few things. Of course, your standard automobile comes first. In such a case, a fresh, transparent Lexan shell is needed. A body type should be purchased to ensure a good fit for the specific style of your car. 

The usual acrylic or enamel paints won’t attach to transparent Lexan bodies; therefore, you must only use paint that is made expressly for use with Lexan. 

The number of colors you may use is only limited by your creativity. The appearance of your automobile will also be improved by new wheels. If you lost the original hex wrench that came with your standard car, you may still remove your old wheels by using a socket and screwdriver attachment that is the right size.

A Sharpie marker, a hobby knife, medium grit sandpaper, an electric drill, and a variety of drill bits are other items you will want.

How to Customize 

It’s time to start working now. The original body from the radio control car’s chassis needs to be taken off first. You can fit the fresh, transparent body over the chassis when you’re finished, you can fit the fresh, transparent body over the chassis. Just be sure to space it evenly between the bumpers and wheels. 

The body’s antenna and body posts should be marked with a Sharpie once they have been correctly positioned. After removing the body from the chassis, drill the holes where you indicated with the right-sized drill bit. 

Put the body back on the chassis, after which you should rotate the wheel while the Sharpie is positioned on it such that the tip hits the body to define the wheel well. Cut out the wheel well apertures with your hobby knife after removing the body from the chassis once more. Utilizing sandpaper, round out the jagged edges.

Use painter’s tape on the inside of your new body to protect the windows. Paint the interior of the body once you have everything taped off and the paint is well-mixed. Once the tires have been transferred, swap out the old wheels with the new ones while the body paint is curing. 

You may reinstall the freshly painted body on the chassis once it has fully dried, and your upgraded Radio control car will be ready for use.


Customizing Radio Control Vehicles might be quick or time-consuming, easy or difficult, but it’s always gratifying. Start with a simple project that requires few components and is devoid of details.  Each plan you select becomes bigger, better, and more complex if you contract the bug, which is likely to happen. 

That’s advantageous since modellers love nothing more than a challenge. Choose simple customization that won’t require a huge number of things; when you’re comfortable with the customization process, you can go for bigger tasks.

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