How to help an alcoholic?

Your life is suffering. The person closest to you no longer talks to you, and if he does, it only after he drinks it properly. You already know it – he has a problem with alcohol. He – doesn’t think so. You are faced with a huge dilemma – leave or help? If you help, how can you save an alcoholic? If this scenario is close to you, read our text.

Broken promises, unsuccessful attempts at longer abstinence, outright cheating, total helplessness, a sense of hopelessness. Do you know these states? Neither a request nor a threat – nothing works. You get the impression that your influence is zero. You certainly feel like your words don’t mean anything. Wondering what else you can do to save the alcoholic? Making the other person aware of an alcohol problem is one of the most difficult tasks. What actions should you take? see more : florida detox

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Alcoholism is not weak will

Undoubtedly, the first and most important thing is to understand the fact that alcoholism is not a weak or ill will, but a complex disease that requires specialist treatment in an addiction treatment center. It is extremely difficult to beat alone. Alcohol changes the biochemistry of the brain and causes that a person, also when sober, may act irrational, have mood swings, be aggressive. At the same time, he is not aware that his behavior has changed. Works impulsively. His actions are contrary to what he says. When you acknowledge that it’s an addiction disorder and not a matter of conscious choice, it will be much easier for you to talk rationally, not emotionally.

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How do I talk to an alcoholic?

Many family members with an alcohol problem call us for advice or help. In despair they ask how to make him ?! how to put pressure on her ?! Can I bring him by force, incapacitate him ?! We hear about the fact that it is impossible to talk, and every attempt at dialogue ends in a row that he denies and attacks. Then it turns out that the conversation was accompanied by a raised tone of voice, evaluation and criticism on both sides. And later? You know – shattered nerves. Need a drink. The slam of the door and the gloomy silence. Feelings of guilt and failure. Shame, anger and helplessness. Read more: Soberlink reviews

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