How To Make a Lace Closure Wig Look More Natural?

Lace closure wigs are becoming more and more favorable in human hair wigs for women today. The 100% human hair is hand-knotted onto the super thin lace for blending the scalp perfectly and forming the realistic hairline. As a word, to make a lace closure wig look natural and realistic is everyone yearning for. 

How To Make a Lace Closure Wig Look More Natural?

Bleach the Hair Knots

The lace closure is the base material for visible knots. Once the hair is bleached, it will be more invisible and match your scalp perfectly for a realistic look. If you dye or bleach the hair at home, you dip a cotton swab into the bleach and apply wherever the lace will be detected, such as around the hairline. Or you can also take it to a professional for bleaching. 

Create Baby Hair 

Pluck the hair on the hairline of the lace closure to make it look like your baby hair. The hairline should be thinner than other parts of the hair so that it is natural-looking. 

Pluck the hair on the lace closure by a tweezing. It would be better if you have wore the hair and start to do this task. Be careful with this task as it may be worse if you do it too hard. You even rip off the lace base as it is so thin. 

Braid Your Natural Hair Neat 

To make a lace closure lay flat, you need to tie up or braid your natural hair. Once your natural hair is secured, it is much easier to apply the lace closure and make it more natural. If your existing hair is too thin, it is no need to braid. You just comb it back and make a low ponytail. Then the lace closure wig will cover it perfectly. 

Ensure that All of Your Natural Hair is Hidden

You can wear a wig cap to conceal your existing hair perfectly. This tip helps cover all of your hair underneath and offers a natural hair appearance. If you have short hairdo, just simply slick it back under the human hair wig. What about long hair? As we stated above, braiding your hair down into scalp makes it more manageable. The braids should be very small and neat to create a smooth surface. 



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