How to make your birthday party feel more personal

Your birthday party is a special time where you get to celebrate that point in your life. It is a time where family and friends gather together to congratulate the birthday person on all of their biggest achievements, from crossing another year off of their age, to graduating school – there’s always something great happening around the birthday person! 

However, the birthday party doesn’t have to be based around this one event alone, there are many unique ideas you can incorporate into your birthday celebration.

  • For example, place birthday signs by each guest’s chair with their name on it. With some creativity and careful planning, you can bring a personal touch to your birthday party without breaking your budget! Whether it be hanging different colored balloons every few feet or having different food options for your birthday guest, there are many birthday signs that can be created with a little preparation and creativity.  
  • If you’re hosting the birthday party at your house, one of the best birthday signs you can create is to hang birthday streamers! Simply place different color birthday streamers in the front door frame and extend it about 7-9 feet through every doorway – this will create a fun, colorful birthday sign for all to see (and enjoy!). 
  • Different colored balloons and pinatas make another great birthday sign for your guests to see; however, if these items are not in your budget or simply aren’t what you want for your home – you can bring out the birthday theme by hanging up different birthday balloons randomly throughout your living room! 
  • If you’re birthday party will be hosting a birthday cake, it’s always a good idea to have birthday candles of different colors for your birthday guest to blow out all at once – after they’ve sung happy birthday of course. If you want to create birthday signs that is simply fun for your birthday guests rather than having birthday signs that show the year or their age before or after their name, try creating birthday signs with words like “Happy”, “Birthday”, and “For You” written vertically down the sign. These simple ideas can give your home an instant birthday theme, but if you simply don’t want any sort of birthday signs in your home – then no need to worry! Just keep in mind that if wanting any type of birthday signs for your birthday party, the birthday font you choose should be short enough to fit on each birthday sign correctly.
  • All in all, there are many birthday signs you can create for this upcoming birthday season! However, if simply using different birthday colors are not what you’re looking for – maybe try creating birthday streamers with words like “Happy”, “Birthday”, and “For You” or even birthday balloons throughout your home or attached to a pinata! The possibilities are endless when it comes to birthday signs and they all make happy memories that will last a lifetime. Just remember these simple tips when choosing which birthday sign best suits your style; we hope we inspired you to create something special this year!


Q: How do birthday signs come in different shapes and sizes?

A: Numbered birthday signs, birthday name signs and birthday messages usually come small to large. For example, if you’re looking for a birthday sign that’s going to fit your entire birthday message on it – we suggest choosing a larger birthday number! If all you want is your birthday name on the birthday sign, choose something simple like a 3×5 or 4×6 birthday name sign. 

Q: Is there any other way I can use my birthday signs after the party?

A: Yes! You can remove them from your home very easily or simply reuse them. Some ideas are to save them at work for coworkers’ birthdays or give them away as prizes at birthday games! 


We hope this birthday sign article was helpful to you! With a little creativity and careful planning, birthday signs for your birthday party can be created without breaking the bank. If you’re not sure which birthday sign is best suited for your birthday party – remember that birthday numbers are large and birthday names are small! 

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