How To Make Your Own Charcuterie Gift Basket

Charcuterie boards are in fashion, and for a good reason. That’s because they offer so much for any occasion. Please yourself and your guests by making your own.

Pick a Base

Start with an attractive base. You want something that will look good and show off your food choices well. Look for a backdrop that has a lot of interest to it. A well-scrubbed wood board or a nice, colorful tray can be put out and make it easy to grab each item you intend to serve.

Choose Your Cheeses

Cheese is an essential part of any charcuterie basket. It’s a good idea to have varied types of cheeses on hand. You should pick out a creamy cheese like brie that can be cut easily. Other types of cheese are equally important. A semi-soft cheese such as a fontina is another essential you’ll want to put in your gift basket. Many people also love to put in hard cheeses that can be sliced or grated on top of other items. Parmesan and cheddar are fabulous choices that have lots of levels of flavors for your recipients.

Meat Additions

Meat is another thing that makes this type of basket one to savor. Consider varied types of sausage and other cuts of meat. A plain sausage is a good option. The same is true of sausages flavored with herbs and other items. Ham can also be included in your basket. Canned and other packaged meat can also be used. They’ll add a lot of color and make the whole thing come together in one pleasing package.

Other Additions

Other types of additions will make your gift basket truly come to life. You want to bring out lots of flavors that will complement one another on the plate. This is why it helps to think about the kind of seasonings you like best. For example, mustard is one condiment that brings out the flavors of everything you eat.

The same is true of other types of spreads. A good choice for this kind of basket is fruit spreads. Fruit brings out the flavors of any meat and cheese board. Consider jams and jellies. Look for something out of the ordinary. Mango is one flavor that can add a kick to the overall effect.

It’s also helpful to have crackers on hand. Crackers should be strong enough to stand up to what you want to serve. Think about looking for crackers of all types. This includes white bread options as well as those made from whole wheat.

Buy a Gift Basket 

If you would rather buy a gift basket instead of putting in the time to make your own, luckily, there are brands out there like Hickory Farms who create beautifully crafted baskets. Each charcuterie gift basket includes a carefully curated selection of signature flavors of charcuterie essentials so everyone can create their perfect meat and cheese spread

No matter what choices you make, a charcuterie basket is always an exceptional choice to bring out for any special occasion.

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