How to Protect Your Crypto Against Theft and Hacks

Digital world development has achieved its rise in recent years and continues to develop very rapidly, being included in almost every sphere of business and not only. Cryptocurrencies also gained much attention and interest among investors, business dealers, and even individuals interested in financial innovations. Although the crypto world is viral and much spoken and explained on many crypto videos, it still has a lot of mysteries and questions, so it’s crucial to consider the security of the processes.

 As Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are connected to financial resources and investments, you should be aware of protecting your Crypto wallets against theft and hacks; these are the main points to consider. 

Use secure network

When trading or conducting cryptocurrency transactions or other activities, consider using only a secure Internet connection and avoid using public WiFi networks. Additionally, you can use integrate recurring billing software that’s secure and trustworthy. Even if you are using your WiFi or connecting home network, use a VPN to ensure security and prevent issues such as theft and hacking. A VPN hides your IP address and location, keeping your browsing activity secure and private from cyber attackers. 

Maintain multiple wallets

As there are different types of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others, and you may have several investments from each, consider not keeping them in one place and maintaining multiple wallets. 

There are no limitations for creating wallets, so you can easily keep several wallets. Use one wallet for the most frequently used coins for everyday transactions and keep the rest in other separate wallets. This will protect your other crypto coins in case of loss or hacks in one of the wallets. 

Choose strong passwords

Keeping cyber security is highly connected to strong passwords, so consider choosing strong passwords while creating your cryptocurrency wallets. Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers. Easy passwords are one of the reasons to be hacked. 

If you are doing transactions often, it would be easier to track all the activity in one place and use Crypto Tracker, where you can create your account and always keep track of your coins in certain conditions without giving them edit access to your belongings. Don’t save your passwords on the browser, or don’t send them to another person on social media, emails, or other platforms; save it in a place that is available only to you. If you have several wallets, use unique passwords for each wallet and change them frequently. 

Enable two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is an essential part of privacy and security on digital platforms. Enable two-factor authentication to make sure about your digital privacy and coins security. Then, in case suspicious activity occurs or you login from unauthorized devices, you will receive a message with a code to your phone number and, after verification, get permission to enter the exchange wallet.

This will provide you with high-level protection of your coins against thefts and hacks especially if you have a small business and run a lot of risks. Keep your mobile and codes available only to you, like everyone who gets the codes can also have access to your transactions. 


Cryptocurrencies are connected to financial resources, and as it’s on digital platforms, there is a danger of theft and hacks. Therefore, the Crypto world has a lot of risks, so considering that fact and the security threats of digital platforms, you should consider some crucial points already mentioned while doing transactions or other activities with your coins. 

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