Till now you have been learning about the plane and level figures that are typically known as 2-D figure. Presently in higher grade you will learn around 3-dimensional figure that will accompany new ideas and terms. So here we would find out about the surface space of circle and the volume of the circle in a simpler manner.


A circle is actually similar to a ball yet it’s anything but a circle. The distinction between a circle and a circle is that a circle is a 2-D shape yet a circle is a strong three dimensional figure that has every one of the focuses in the spaceπ, which lie at the consistent distance (called sweep) from the fixed point known as the focal point of the circle. However actually like a circle, a circle is numerically characterized in regard to sweep, r and the middle. Circle is really a strong shape without any edges or vertices.


SURFACE AREA of a circle object is a proportion of the absolute region involved by all the external surface of a circle. This recommends that the surface space of any round figure is multiple times the space of the circle of same sweep as a circle or as CUEMATH characterizes the surface space of a circle as the all out space of the countenances encompassing it.

This means,Surface Area of a Sphere= 4* the space of a circle of span r= 4*πr^2

Where r is the span of the circle (for example the normal separation from focus to any point on the outside of the circle)

*NOTE: The surface region or any kind of space of any sort of shape is constantly written in square units (inshort sq. units)

DERIVATION(how to rapidly become familiar with the equation)

A notable researcher and mathematician Archimedes found that assuming the span of chamber and circle is “r”, the surface space of the circle is equivalent to the horizontal surface of the chamber. Subsequently the connection comes out to be,

Surface space of circle = Lateral surface space of chamber

We know that,Surface space of chamber = 2πrh

Stature of chamber = measurement of sphere= 2r

Hence Surface space of circle is 2πrh= 2πr*2r= 4πr^2 sq. units

As far as breadth it becomes S= 4π (d/2) ^2

Where d is the breadth of the separate circle.


Volume really is the estimation of room any shape can possess.

Volume of circle is characterized as the limit of the circle or the cubic units that will precisely fill a circle or the capacity limit of the circle. The volume of a circle relies upon the span of the circle and thus the adjustment of sweep brings about the difference in volume. Thesphere concentrated normally are of two kinds. They are: strong circle and empty circle. The two of them have various volumes.

VOLUME of a Solid Sphere: If the sweep is r and volume is thought to be V, then, at that point

.Volume of sphere= (4/3) πr^3

VOLUME of a Hollow Sphere: If the sweep of external circle is R and that of internal circle is r and volume of circle is V then, at that point

VOLUME of Hollow Sphere, V= Volume of external circle, R–Volume of internal circle

= (4/3) ΠR^3-(4/3) πr^3= (4/3) π(R^3-r^3)

*Note: The volume of a circle is given as cubic units or (units) ^3.

Inference of volume of circle:

As per Archimedes, if sweep of a circle, cone and a chamber is “r” and the cross-segment region is same then their volumes are in the proportion of 1:2:3. Along these lines, the connection between volume of circle, volume of cone and volume of chamber is given as:

Volume of cylinder= volume of cone+ Volume of circle

Volumeof sphere= Volume of chamber volume of cone

We realize that

Volume of chamber = πr^2h

Volume of cone= (1/3) πr^2h

So Volume of circle = πr^2 h-(1/3) πr^2h= (2/3) πr^2h

Here, tallness of cylinder=diameter of sphere= 2r

Consequently Volume of Sphere= (2/3) πr^2(2r) = 4/3πr^3


With the above clarification the comprehension of SURFACE AREA and VOLUME of a SPHERE becomes simpler.

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