How To Select A Topic For Your Next YouTube Video

An ocean of options

Can’t find that next gig or idea for your YouTube videos? Don’t worry, you have us. YouTube as usual is a time-taking affair. It takes a lot of effort in creating engaging content to awe your audience and on top of that you always need an extraordinary topic that will appeal to your audience and attract an extra lot of potential viewers. Ever since the growth of the YouTube community, content creators have taken an edge in creating content in various niches. This competition has propelled creators to look for better topics for content every day.

While it is not very easy to read the viewer’s mind, you can definitely read the market trends and data statistics to decide your next subject, though that is not good enough. What else could you do to find yourself the subject that would grow your YouTube views? Check out a few tricks enlisted below that might help you find your perfect YouTube video topic.

Things to keep in mind while selecting a YouTube topic

  • Take an audience poll 

It is probably better to ask your audience what they want to watch than to hover your mind over random ideas. Try to connect with your audience through question/answer sessions and find their latest interest. In case you do not have the time or energy to prepare yourself for a Q&A video, take the easy road. You can just put up a poll mentioning a few options to select from. Find out how to create polls on YouTube.

  • A sneak peek on competitors

Have you ever stalked your competitor’s channel? If not then do it now. Channels that serve similar content as yours are a good source of channeling ideas. We are not encouraging you to keep a close eye on every activity your opponent does but a little sneaking is advised. Similar ideas might also help you grow your YouTube subscribers. Just saying!

  • Check YouTube’s trending lists

If you cannot sanction a sneak peek on your fellow YouTubers, how about sneaking on the YouTube itself? YouTube has a section that notifies its viewers about what is trending today. You can simply go and get a list of all videos going viral. Make sure to focus on what you are looking for in spite of scrolling the whole lot. Check out today’s trending YouTube list.

Read comments for suggestions

Have you ever read the comments on your video? Most times audiences do comment about their opinion on the video presented but seldom people also mention what they expect from you. They do suggest new ideas which appeal to them. So that makes your work pretty easy because you have the menu decided, now you just got to prepare the

  • Look for the trends in your niche

Nothing is impossible with internet browsers. If you are stuck, a search engine is your trouble-free exit. You just need to type your video niche on google (or any internet browser, if you have preferences) and will have a million of options as well as suggestions. Although these million options could get you ideas, they might as well confuse you. So, keep this one for the last.

Some tips when you pick a topic for your video

  1. Keep your focus on what is trending, when you are out hunting for your next topic.
  2. Show what your audience wants to see rather than what you want to show them.
  3. Keep a track of your video by creating a video playlist on YouTube to avoid repetition.
  4. Research more. Try to understand the market trends without rushing to create anything ordinary.
  5. Following trends will help you keep up but try to focus on your niche rather than showing everything.


There is no ideal concept of anything when it concerns YouTube. Anything and everything that appeals to the mass is the need of the hour. The next step can always leave you in a fix which can be demotivating and confusing and time-consuming. Nevertheless, you need to keep moving and create that next video without taking too much time off. We think if you keep a trend check every now and then, think more, you are good to go.

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