How to Use VLOOKUP to Find the Value in Multiple Ranges in Google Sheets

VLOOKUP can be used to find the value in multiple ranges, or to get a single value from a list of other values. The function has two methods: the direct approach and the advanced formula. The direct approach is the most popular and uses Boolean logic to match values abcdxyz. In this example, you’ll look up the name of a department or group by first name, and then use the direct approach to get the value for the other values. The advanced formula uses Boolean logic, while the other two are based on INDEX and MATCH.

You can combine VLOOKUP with other functions in Google Sheets to search for values about  creativblog. The search_key, for example, is a key value in another table. It can be a value or a reference to a cell containing that value. The source table, or range, contains the values you want to lookup reality4times. The first column of the source table must contain the search_key, and the second should contain the target value.

In order to use the VLOOKUP function, you must select a table in the Worksheet. You can also select a column from another table in the same table in pklikes. The first cell in the return range will be m, the second will be n, and so on. Once you have entered a range of values, the results will be returned in a row. You can see an example of this function in the sample file. Read more about pklikes com login

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