Ideal ways to Generate Passive Income in 2022

Everyone loves some extra cash. A few more leaves a month can ease your financial worries. Passive income can help you in uncountable ways. So you can earn a handsome amount by doing some extra side business besides your primary job. It gives you a mental satisfaction that you have something in your reserve, especially in times of uncertainty and crisis. 

Moreover, it is becoming highly significant with increased expenses to have some savings. We have charted out some fantastic ways to fill your pockets with extra dough.

Create an App

Creating an application or software is one of the most popular ways to earn extra cash. It has a massive upside, as once your app is approved and gains an audience, you will be able to generate money from it. You can then monetize it by putting a nominal amount on each download. 

Once this happens, you can elaborate on its features and services and add additional amounts for availing them.

Online Casinos

Playing online casino games is a win-win. You save the botheration of going to LA or Vegas, and just by sitting at your home, you can bet and gamble. 

Many e-gambling platforms like 20 Bet provide incredible services where the player can safely deposit money in his e-wallets. Each transaction safely ends to end, encrypted, and moving financial assets is convenient. 

Money is made through crypto coins such as Ethereum or Bitcoins. Users can generate a hefty amount through their gaming abilities and skills.


The trend of buying paper bag copies of books for the library is now decreasing. People now prefer reading books on their smartphones or other devices. Therefore, writing an e-book is a perfect opportunity to earn money. It is a low-cost investment, and you can easily avoid the hassle of convincing the publishers and giving them a handsome amount. 

There are many online platforms on which you can market and advertise your books, such as Amazon and eBay. Prospective buyers can easily buy your book through these platforms and, in return, gives fame and money. 

Associated Marketing

Suppose you have a buzz on the internet and have followers who constantly follow you and your pages on social media. In that case, a good option for you to generate a passive income is by affiliated marketing. 

All you need to do is promote a third-party product on your website or account. Nowadays, Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube are growing platforms to gain more audiences and promote products. You will earn significant traffic when a visitor purchases a third-party affiliation, and in return, you will earn additional income.

Sell Retail Products

An easy option to avail is to sell retail products. You can buy products at a cut trade price and then resale them at your price, or you may offer various deals to the customers. 

If your offered price is within the range of an average customer, then kudos to you. A discounted product rate can go in your favor if you find a merchandiser that sells at a wholesale rate.

Sell Online Pictures and Photography.

Another robust way to increase your extra income is if you have excellent photography skills. If you want to show the world how good your pictures are and want to earn money from them, organizations like Shutterstock or Getty Images are excellent publishing sources. 

Every time someone downloads the picture you take, the platform, in return, pays you. You then become a licensed photographer. By this, you can sell one picture several times. 

Investing in Real Estate

You can purchase real state Investments through the stock market. The trust which owns stock provides you with a dividend. These dividends increase on an annual basis, and this is how you can grow your income yearly. 

Since the prices can fluctuate in no time there for you, you need to keep me and me on the stock market to get a hefty payout.

Renting out your Home

A good option is to rent out your house and turn it into a money-making opportunity. This is how you can quickly go on a vacation while your paying guest can stay at your place. This option does not have any financial downside and requires minimal effort. 

Moreover, the tenant can take care of your house, water your plants and feed your pets. But make sure that the tenant staying at your place does not pose any threat to your property or does not steal any valuable stuff.

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