Important considerations to note when choosing Steel doors

Steel doors are comprised of either polyurethane or polystyrene with a steel skin over the top. They aren’t made of 100% steel as they would be heavy and tear the hinges.

Steel doors are a result of the first steel excavation from an archaeological site in Anatolia in 1800BC. Because of its hardness and higher melting point, it is used in building construction and inmaking doors as it is resistant to the sun’s heat. Steel is mixed with other additives to give out other productssuch as steel doors.

Factors to consider when choosing Steel doors


Steel doors do not break, bow or dent due to their long-lasting nature hence are mostly used in areas with high traffics like the front doors.They are stable and ensure that one gets a long-lasting installation as it comes with strong hinges for installation. They are resistant to harsh weatherconditions such as sun and rain hence they do not rust and also do not allow weather effects to occupants of the building. Due to their durable nature, they don’t require tobe changed often and do not also require high maintenance, hence keeping the cost down.


We’ve seen many Steel doors Nairobi made, that lack precision, making it hard to install, and when installed, they do not lack faults. It is therefore prudent to look for doors made from quality steel, ensuring the perfection of the installed door in every detail. Lack of perfection causes the forceful banging of doors for them to shut, or the presence of air and light-in spaces on the doors, which causes no sense of privacy to the building’s users. To sum this up, it should be known that lack of precision affects the integrity of the doors hence a buyer should be wise.


Some steel doors in the market tend to be boring, unattractive and plain. However, a buyer should consider a well-decorated door matching the home’s décor. Choose a door matching your home in terms of style, color, and size, for in as much as the doors serve a security purpose, they compensatemore the money used for their purchase if theyenhancetheinterior or exterior looks. It was believed that only traditional doors are decorated and come in different colors but it should now be known that steel doors also come in different patterns and colors for house enhancement.

Energy efficiency and Maintenance

Steel doors are the most energy-efficient compared to ancestral wooden doors. Steel doors protect the house from external weather elements. They also do not require a lot of maintenance as only washing and wiping regains their sheen. As for the hinges, a little oiling keeps them going.


In conclusion, steel doors are important and are widely used for security mostly in commercial buildings but less so in homes but in all serve as entry doors. However, buyers need to be cautious and wise when buying them to get quality doors corresponding to their money. For more about steel doors, visit

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