Important Points About Renewing PMI-ACP® Certification

The Professional Certification Requirements about Renewing PMI-ACP certification is not only necessary to keep your certification, but they’re also the best method to remain current on new Agile project management strategies and approaches. Meeting these standards each year encourages you to consistently improve your professional abilities, making you an asset to any project and workplace.

In fact, keeping your PMI ACP certification in houston can open new opportunities both in your current firm and for future employers. It could be the strategic advantage to manage to score the position you’ve always wanted. In order to maintain your PMI-ACP certification, you must complete the requisite PMI-ACP PDUs. The PMI-ACP Agile Project Management Certification is essential if you want to enhance your Agile project management career and find better work opportunities.

What are the PMI-ACP Professional Development Unit (PDU) Requirements?

If you have already made the decision to renew your PMI-ACP certificate, you should be aware of the prerequisites for PMI-ACP PDU. PMI requires that you receive and report 30 PMI-ACP PDUs every three-year certification cycle in order to maintain your PMI-ACP certification. To proceed, you must first grasp what PMI-ACP PDU is and how to obtain it.

  • What is PMI-ACP PDU (Project Management Institute Accredited Certification Program)?

It is one hour of research, learning and even teaching that counts as one Professional Development Unit (PDU) for the PMI-ACP certification programme. 

PMI-ACP Professional Development Units (PDUs) must be spent on topics related to Agile methods. Along with the previously listed opportunities, you can earn PMI-ACP PDUs by volunteering in Agile project management-related activities. 

After earning 30 PMI-ACP PDUs over the course of a three-year cycle, you can renew your credential by tracking and reporting your PMI-ACP PDUs. So, how do you go about obtaining these 30 PMI-ACP PDUs, and what are the resources that can assist you in doing so? That is what we will be talking about in greater detail later in this essay.

  • Project Management Institute’s Continuing Certification Requirements Program

According to this programme, in order to earn PMI-ACP PDUs, participants must adhere to the framework that PMI developed in order to maintain particular requirements. PMI created this programme to ensure that its credential holders continue their educational development while also ensuring that they continue their professional development. PMI hopes that by implementing this programme, certification holders will be well-prepared for the demanding nature of today’s business world, which is both dynamic and complicated. 

primary objectives of PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements programme

  • In addition to their development, the certification holders’ ongoing learning should be improved.
  • Providing a clear direction for the necessary development areas, as well as ensuring that the certified elite is relevant to the market’s requirements.
  • The identification of learning opportunities and the encouragement of certification holders to take use of them.
  • Provide a tool for keeping track of professional progress.
  • The value of PMI certifications in the long term and their relative global recognition are important considerations.
  • PMI-ACP Certification Requires a certain number of PDUs

Despite the fact that the PMI renewal cycle is the same length, each group of certifications has its own set of PDU criteria for maintaining certification. To renew and maintain their certificates, PMI requires PMI-ACP, PMI-RMP, and PMI-SP certification holders to earn and report 30 PDUs, as opposed to other certifications such as the PMP, which requires 60 PDUs for renewal and maintenance.

These PDUs are split throughout the areas of education and giving back to the profession. To this end, PMI certification holders must submit a maximum of 12 Professional Development Units (PDUs) for Giving Back and a minimum of 18 Education PDUs for Education. The distribution of education PDUs within talent triangle skills is as follows: a minimum of 4 leadership PDUs, a minimum of 4 technical project management PDUs, and a minimum of 4 strategic and business management PDUs are required.

  • 30 PMI-ACP PDU Bundle – Important Points to Consider When Renewing Your PMI-ACP® Certification

Let us start by laying down the many categories in which you can earn your PMI-ACP PDUs and then continue from there. In addition, we will point you to any restrictions that may apply to the category so that you are aware of them. PMI-ACP Professional Development Units are divided into two categories: PMI-ACP Education PDU and PMI-ACP Giving Back PDU. There are subcategories within each of these two groups, each of which may have certain constraints of its own. 


While attaining the PMI-ACP Continuing Certification Requirements assists you on an individual level, it also maintains the integrity of the profession, too. Let’s imagine a project manager has their PMI-ACP credential, but they are employing outdated Agile methodologies or they’ve neglected what they learnt during the certification process. They could struggle to positively portray the Agile project manager profession. However, if project managers are continually upgrading their skills and expertise, it’s more likely that their approaches will be up to Project Management Institute (PMI) standards.

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