in4 Essential Salon & Spa Payment Integrations Your Business Needs

Accepting payments in lieu of the services and products is an integral part of your salon & spa business operations. It is the point in the guest’s journey where they reward you and your team, in the form of tips, for the unparalleled attention and experience and the value that you have created. Thus, it is important that the process of settling invoices should be both comfortable and easy, for guests. Enter integrated payment systems for salons and spas

So, what is integrated payment system? Simply, put it is a technological solution which records, and processes all types of payment through a single unified platform and eliminates the need of juggling between two or more systems. By working in complete handshake mode with your salon and spa management software, the system captures the relevant invoice information and processes the same on the POS terminal. As a result, the process is both swift and error free, and efficient. . In this blog, we guide you on the 4 essential integrations that should exist in your business such that you can offer your guests with multiple choices, allowing them to work with what they understand the best. 

Credit Cards 

The most fundamental integration of your payment system should be in dealing with payments that are done using cards. The days of card being physically handed over for you to swipe on the POS terminal are nearly gone. Modern and seamless systems of integrated payment for salons and spas require guests to provide card details only once. The system them saves the card data on the guest’s profile and secures with tokenization. For each transaction the system automatically retrieves the card information, and all the guest has to do is complete the transaction with additional authorization such as CVV number or one –time password. As soon as the authentication is received the payment record is updated. The integrated system allows guests to make payment anytime and anywhere, i.e. while making the booking sitting in their homes or at the salon chair, whilst in midst of the service. Additionally, since the system also is equipped with automated card updater, the software automatically prompts the guest to update card information thus resulting in minimal failed transactions. 

Mobile Payments

 Incorporating integrated payments empowers spas and salons to offer guests with the choice of settling invoices using their handheld devices. Since, almost every takes their phone with themselves, accepting payments through mobile wallets, or through various payment gateways such as Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay etc. One of the best way to incorporate mobile payments is to offer incorporate full integration of the payment system with the unified booking and retail portal such that guests can seamlessly go from booking a service to purchasing a product, and make payments in one transaction. Zenoti Webstore, is a web based portal, which comes with the Zenoti salon and spa management software and allows guests to book services and purchase products through a single portal. Additionally, with Webstore being completely integrated with Zenoti Payments, guests can complete transactions in just two taps, and using either cards, or e-wallets or through any other above mentioned payment gateway. 

Automated Recurring Payments for Subscriptions

All across the beauty and wellness industry, there exists an unsaid rule. It being, that if you want your membership program to be successful, eliminate the pain of manually making recurring payments. One of the trusted ways to have a constant stream of revenue is to offer your guests subscription services, in lieu of a certain fee, which allows them to get upfront discounts on both products and services. However, to make the revenue model successful it is imperative that you offer guests an option to set up automated recurring payments, whereby the system automatically charges the card or associated bank / wallet. With the integrated payment solution configuring such a system comes easy. Moreover, with the payment processing module taking inputs from booking and invoicing module directly, guests can be at complete peace of mind that they’re not being wrongly invoiced and businesses can benefit from reduced administrative work. 

Redemption of Gift Cards/ Loyalty Rewards

Last but not the least, for a truly immersive and comfortable experience your salon and spa should make the process of redeeming gift cards, loyalty rewards and availing referral discounts absolutely effortless. Think about it, your guests buy gift cards and share referral codes because they want their near and dear ones to experience the same quality of service that they received at your business. Thus, making the process of redeeming these rewards difficult makes literally no sense. The best way to make the process effortless is to harness the power of integrated payment solution. Since the software is equipped to auto retrieve all details of guests from the CRM module, it can offer guests the choice of redeeming git cards, encashing of loyalty rewards, and availing the referral discount on the payments page. All the guests have to do is confirm the choice with a few taps and the system takes care of it all. 

The market today has multiple choices of integrated payment solutions such as the Zenoti Payments, DaySmart Salon, Boost360, MioSalon payment solutions and many more. We personally recommend Zenoti Payments as it is fully PCI compliant, comes with a flat fee structure, no restrictions such as minimum transactions, and most importantly allows you extend the feature across the globe, which is particularly helpful for salon and spa chains that spread across multiple geographies.

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