Key Business Benefits of Microsoft Cloud Services

Today, Australian companies and businesses are turning to cloud Microsoft cloud services to make their data storage costs more economical. The cloud services help streamline the workflow development and enhance their decision-making abilities about running the business. This cloud application is a testament to the high demand for active management applications to satisfy data use requirements in the modern business world. Therefore, numerous companies in Australia turn to a Microsoft distributor to provide them with leading-edge cloud solutions and help grow their efficiency and profitability.

The Need for Cloud Solutions

Australia has over 2,402,254 actively trading businesses in 2021-22. According to a research study, over 81% of enterprises use some form of cloud storage access in the workplace, and 38% of the respondents mentioned that cloud adoption is their top priority for the company. But having so many cloud solutions available, they struggle to find a platform that matches their day-to-day requirements and long-term goals. One of the leaders for cloud solutions in the market is Microsoft.

What Is Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions?

Microsoft cloud is a growing set of cloud services that work on command to help organisations manage and store their data, improve their security and compliance, create complex web-based apps and more. As it is a public platform, users can scale up their company infrastructure to align their requirements and create hybrid computing environments. After integration, Microsoft Azure gives companies the freedom to manage, build and deploy apps using developing tools and frameworks that work best for them. Their core services include computing, networking, storage, analytics, backup and disaster recovery.

How Can Businesses Benefit from Microsoft Azure Cloud?

Scalability on Demand

Business needs keep changing periodically, maybe due to downsizing or growth. It makes the scalability of cloud services one of the core concerns for infrastructure investment. Microsoft cloud framework allows companies to increase and decrease their cloud capacity on demand. They can also ensure maximum capacity during short bursts of traffic or a prolonged project. Azure scales alongside the business, enabling users to modify their service agreements to prevent disrupting their web applications and storage.

No On-site Hardware Installation

Having data storage equipment on-site and operating them comes with its challenges. It includes space, consistent overhead, high upfront costs and maintenance services which can cut into the company’s budget. By moving their data, computing processes and application to an off-site cloud, businesses can eliminate the need for purchasing on-site storage hardware. They can also create hybrid cloud environments using Microsoft Azure’s advanced networking features to maintain private servers for confidential data.

Easy Availability and Accessibility

Unlike most start-up or local cloud services, a Microsoft distributor can provide high availability and redundancy of cloud storage services across Australia through its data centres. It also has a global reach and a service-level agreement that assures 99.5% available, amounting to a little under 4.5 hours of downtime in a year.

Development Tools for Enterprises

 Using Microsoft Azure, companies can deploy, build and manage their customised web apps quickly. Cloud storage is compatible with different programming tools and languages like .NET, Python, Java, Kubernetes and more. This flexibility allows companies to create innovative applications for their web and mobile devices. They can also use numerous management resources, from automatic updates to container orchestration and end-to-end development platform features that help them optimise their web-based apps.

Outstanding Cybersecurity

As the Microsoft data centres have two-tier authentication, biometric scanners and proxy card access readers, companies can be assured that all their data is protected. Microsoft cloud solutions use advanced encryption processes and built-in security tools to maintain integrity, privacy, and accessibility.  

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