Make money in business

Here we have done amazing things for their business we think this should cost more

So, this will be the last time it’s offered at this price let’s get right into it okay so when

people ask you when they ask you how much does this thing cost?

How much does this thing cost?

How much does this logo cost?

How much does this website cost?

how much does it cost to run a social marketing campaign for my company?

How much well when they say cost what they really mean is price. I did a little research. There is such a thing and if you type on the internet on google or wherever you can type in what is the difference between cost price and value and you are going to find very different things but I’m going to save you some of the trouble the kindhearted people that we are here at the future

along with Jonah and Ricky. I have a distilled information down to a smaller bite-sized piece so that you guys can understand the difference between these three words.

Make More Money by Getting More from Your Assets

Let’s get into the when people ask you about to cost the answer that you’re giving them may not be. what it is that you think being very careful to put these things away for all the eco conscientious people that it’s not being destroyed it’s being saved. We will recycle this okay cos cost is defined as measured in time effort for many of you guys and materials that sounds reasonable, and I will read the definition paraphrase their cost is the amount incurred on the inputs basically, the raw materials the salaries rent interest taxes duties etc. Whatever it costs you to make for producing any product or service okay it is the make money in business spent by the company the company is you in the manufacturing of a product or creation of a service does that make sense.

If you are only to charge your clients what it costs the best you can hope for is to break even. When you’re billing hourly you are basically giving them the cost the cost of your time but you’re not accounting for things like if you’re using your own laptop.

Add Value-added Services or Products.

Your creative cloud subscription your desk the rent that you’re paying to be able to do the work. There’s a lot of things that you are the leading off the table when i was younger. I think I was 16 or 17 years old I started a design firm making t-shirts I was working at a six-screening company, and I wanted to sell my services to people.


Increase Profits by Cutting Expenses

What i didn’t account for back then and if you’re a young person not familiar with the way the business works here is i basically charge people what it cost me to make thinking that i had profit and quickly after a couple of transactions thinking it should have money in my checking account.

The caused some grief between my mom and it because she was the one who opened the bank account. She said honey you are losing money and it just could not figure it out so some basic accounting. Some basic business would have saved my first real business. So, when you guys charge people.

what it costs you to make you’re going to go bankrupt soon you’re going to go out of business. It doesn’t account for any mistakes it doesn’t account for when your clients change their mind about something. It doesn’t count for delays it doesn’t account for any mishaps or things that you didn’t plan for okay now when they ask you for your costs what they really mean is what is the price to do this thing with you and so now we enter a new concept. 

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