New to AA Meetings? Find Answers to Important Questions Here

AA stands for Alcoholics Anonymous. Simply put, it is a support group of individuals that come together to support each other through the de-addiction journey. If you are contemplating joining AA meetings, a plethora of doubts and queries may cloud your mind. We attempt to provide answers to some of your questions here.

Looking to Join an AA meeting near me? Here are some questions answered

  1. How do I know if I am an Alcoholic?—So, this can be a very confusing question for all. Although I enjoy compulsive drinking, am I truly an alcoholic? The answer lies in your drinking pattern. If you continue drinking more and more with every passing day and experience memory lapses after drinking, you may be a victim of alcoholism. If you wish to stop drinking and cant, it could be another classic sign of addiction. Remember, when you are joining an AA meeting, the decision concerning whether you are an alcoholic or not will reside with you and you alone. There is no one present at the meeting to tell you whether you are.
  2. What should I do if My Drinking Habit Worries Me?Well, you can use a dependablesobriety calculator to check on the extent of your addiction. Once you get the results, consider reaching out to a rehab center near you or an AA meeting.
  3. Is AA merely a Group of People?—Yes. It is a fellowship of addicts who have lost the ability to control their drinking habits. The idea is to create a satisfying way of weaning you off alcohol with love, care, and support. Collaborative efforts from other alcoholics can be utilized to the fullest.
  4. Dolocal AA meetings Require Membership?Local AA meetings do not require memberships and there is no commitment whatsoever. There are no records kept that can trace you back as an attendee of this meeting. You do not need to reveal anything at all. No one bothers you if you do not wish to attend after a few sessions. Freedom and anonymity are guaranteed.
  5. What Happens if I Meet People I Know?Well, that could be a possibility. However, you need to understand that they are there for the same purpose as you. AA will never disclose your identity to anyone. That’s the reason it is called “Alcoholics Anonymous”.
  6. What Exactly Happens in these Meetings?There may be several forms. However, most meetings will deal with the turn of events that caused drinking and what actions were taken by them for help, and so on.
  7. How Will an AA Meeting Help Me?In AA meetings, the discussion surrounds topics like what it is to be addicted to alcohol, and how it feels not to be able to stick to promises made to themselves and to their near and dear ones. There are no professional therapists here. The only qualification of AA gatherings is helping each other to recover from alcoholism.

If you wish to join an AA meeting in California, look for one that is close to you. Seek references and join the one that has a great track record and is convenient to attend.

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